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Here is a selection of the questions we often see.

Q: Will there be an R-Link version of CanZE?
A: It would be nice, but unfortunately, the hurdles are too steep. There is a closed issue in the github issue tracker about it for details.

Q: But hacking R-Link would be easy? It is Android 2.3 after all? Will you?
A: Yes, yes, no.

Q: What about Android Auto then?
A: Most probably not, see this closed issue.

Q: Does CanZE support Fluence ZE, Kangoo ZE, Twizy?
A: We honestly tried, but the developers own none of these cars and keeping at least a basic level of quality proved impossible. However, this is an Open Source project and we welcome anyone with good access to these cars and willing to do the necessary development work.

Q: Is it correct that Bluetooth does not automatically shut down when you close the app?
A: If meant as, will it switch off the phone’s BT adapter? No it won’t and it shouldn’t, maybe it is used for hands-free calling or something else? If meant as: will CanZE continue talking to the ELM while it is closed, the answer is:
– If CanZE is truly closed (using the return button in Android), the connection is torn down and will be reopened when the App is started again, including initialization of the ELM.
– If the App is not closed but moved to the background, the Bluetooth connection is also shut down and will be resumed when CanZE is on top again. Having said that, things do occasionally go haywire and you have to either kill CanZE (press and hold the home button and swipe away CanZE) or power cycle the dongle. Even better, cycle Bluetooth on Android (See next item).
– CanZE can be instructed to continue to run in the background through a setting. If this is enabled, the Bluetooth connection is never torn down. This setting will use substantially more power on the device.

Q: Does CanZE restore a broken Bluetooth link?
A: Yes. It may take a while, and the dongle might be in a state so confused we cannot get to it anymore (requiring a power cycle), but CanZE does try and usually succeeds after several seconds. We have seen a few times that if the connection breaks, the fastest and most reliable way to restore it is to disable and re-enable Bluetooth in Android, while leaving CanZE and the dongle alone. Feedback is appreciated; it can help us improve stability.

Q: How does the braking system really work and can I avoid friction braking?
A: See this blog post. And a bit more on how to avoid friction braking.

Q: Charger xxx doesn’t seem to go full power. How can I check?
A: You can easily see if the charger is holding back or the car is in the Charging screen.
– “Available charging power” is what the charger is stating as maximum.
– “Max battery charge/regen” is what the car can absorb given the SOC, temperature and maybe some other black magic.

Q: I bought a KW902 as you advised. The power light comes on and that’s it?
A: You probably did not pair your device. Here is what you do:
– plug in the KW902 and make sure it is switched on;
– on the Android device open the Settings app and choose Bluetooth;
– you see the Bluetooth screen. Make sure Bluetooth is on;
– the screen shows any devices already paired with the tablet. Also shown are other Bluetooth devices available for pairing;
– the KONNWEI OBDII should appear. If it doesn’t, touch the Search for Devices button;
– choose the KONNWEI OBDII device from the list;
– If necessary, type the device’s passcode (1234) or otherwise acknowledge the connection.
Now you can start CanZE and don’t forget to choose the proper device in the settings screen.

Q: This thing is slow. Can that be improved?
A: It’s not the app that is slow, but the dongle is, as it is basically a diagnostic device. But we have designed an open sourced hardware dongle that is blazing fast.

Q: Is there a list of the computer systems in the car?
A: Yes, see this page.

Q: You should be able to display range better than the dash. In fact, even when the dash gives up. And make the car charge better, faster, discharge deeper.
A: Unbelievable I know but yes we really do get these questions – requests – demands. The answers are No, no, no, no and no.

Q: Will you make an internet connected version?
A: No. There is Z.E. services from Renault for that. At this moment CanZE uses the internet only to fetch news and to access a http based dongle we use for development.

Q: It seems my 902 dongle died. HELP!
A: There is a problem we’ve seen more than once. Maybe this instruction helps.

Q: My tablet does not have ambient light sensors. It’s blinding at night?
A: Most phones and tablets adjust the brightness of the display automatically. If it doesn’t or you are not happy with it, our stance is that it affects all apps, and not just CanZE. We will not make a night mode specifically for CanZE. We would advice you to use a night mode app. Some are reporting good results with this one. But, starting release 1.44 we do support dark mode for Android 9 and higher devices.

Q: I don’t see TPMS pressures
A: Not all cars have TPMS. Basically they need to be build after late 2014. And you need to drive a few minutes for the sensors to activate and send their data to the car. Drive and then check the TPMS screen.

Q: How do I pair the TPMS sensors?
A: You can’t pair new sensors if you don’t know the IDs, but you can query IDs of already paired TPMS valves. This allows you to switch between i.e. summer and winter tyres.

Q: Can CanZE reset the charger?
A: No, but it can fetch Diagnostics. There is also a blog post about a non-CanZE procedure.

Q: Is CanZE a clone of LeafSpy?
A: CanZE is not and has never been a clone of LeafSpy. In the past there was an experimental screen with this name as it displayed more or less the same information as LeafSpy. We admire the creator of LeafSpy and acknowledge that some of the early research was based on information people deduced from the Leaf (Renault and Nissan have a few deign elements in common). Other than that, there is no connection. Also note that CanZE is entirely Open Sourced and LeafSpy is not.

Q: Can I copy a post from your website?
A: Sure you can, though we would very much appreciate if you would include in your post a link to the original here, as well as mention here a link to whatever you created.

183 comments on “Q & A
  1. Paul says:

    Could the data be used to control a chademo fast charge?

  2. Jeroen Meijer says:

    How do you envision that Paul?

  3. Paul says:

    It is my understanding that chademo connects directly to the battery pack and delivers charge current based on battery states of charge and temperature.
    So if a connector to the battery could be placed between the battery and the car and the data chademo needs be relayed to the said connector from the can bus, then in theory at least chademo fast charging should be possible.

  4. Jeroen Meijer says:

    Unfortunately, there is a lot more involved than the SOC. The LBC computes and monitors a lot of parameters ultimately leading to a “max charge power” for this very moment. Picking up only the SOC is not enough by a long shot. And then you would need to build something to translate that knowledge into ChaDeMo “language”.

  5. Paul says:

    A lot of rhe work has already been done just a matter of pulling it all together

  6. Jeroen Meijer says:

    Not at all. You’re watching a car that already has a ChaDeMo “charger” (a better word would be “interface”) and he’s just trying to get into the traffic on that bus. Which is a great project though there should be no magic info to be found there as that sort of traffic should be known per the CHaDeMo standard.

    So you are right with the “in principle”, as in, in principle we could bring CanZe to R-Link. In principle, one could build a ChaDeMo interface. In principle, the information we pull from the main CANbus could, or could not be enough to talk “ChaDeMo” CAN messages to the charger. You’d still need a gateway between the two with a ton of logic in it as you’d really need to understand how the LBC information would need to be interpreted and recoded to ChaDeMo speak. And the LBC’s are not even directly wired to the car’s main CANbus but through the EVC only, and who knows what’s being passed on and what not. And of course you’d need the physical power wiring to the battery, high power contactor, tons of safety features, etc. Interesting project but high power DC tinkering is no game.

    And then again, at least in Europe, ChaDeMo is dead, CSS is the way forward. CSS is using an entirely different “speak”, though the basic principles are comparable.

    ps: I assume you´re talking Fluence Z.E. or Kangoo Z.E. as target, as the Zoe already has fast (AC) charging. Personally, I know virtually nothing about those models.

    A long answer, basically meaning “no, there is nothing we can do for you”.

  7. J.R. says:

    Can you explain the “Technical” part “ELM Testing” ?
    What data must I enter ?
    In older version of canze there was only the test button and it works great.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      TEST does not require any input and should work as it did (if not, please report on github)
      QUERY is tools to get the value of a particular field in the car that might or might not be on one of the displays. Say if you want to get the steering wheel of the car, you enter 0c6,0 and press QUERY. It is not well tested and you need to check the source of the Class FIELDS to havea table of all codes.

  8. borut says:

    Will you make a canZE in to a webserver so that I could see what is happening to my car over the internet and if it is possible even turn on preheating .(no r-link service in my country)

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Quick answer: No
      Making CanZE something online would require a connection between the Android device and the server. This is none of our business right now and the problematic tail that goes with such a “feature” is enormous. No time to carry about that …

  9. genawin says:

    Could you advise me please , If a Zoe was involved in an accident big enough to trigger an air bag would it automatically shut down all systems and would it then be a Renault dealer reset or is there an alternative and would that be subject to a new airbag being fitted first ?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      All I am writing here is just guesswork, Do NOT take my word on it, I am only applying logic.

      The Airbag computer has the highest priority bus message on it’s sleeve of the entire system: it’s “we’re crashing” message will be on the bus and send to the other systems in less than 4ms. It has only two valid messages: light crash, heavy crash. I would expect that at least in a heavy crash the car would be completely de-energized, meaning at minimum the contactor in the battery pack would open, and probably the 12 volt system would be disconnected too. If the dealer would be needed to reset that situation is anyone’s guess, but I would venture to say as an absolute minimum, the LBC would need to be reset.

  10. genawin says:

    First can I thank you for taking the time to reply, What is the normal procedure to reset the LBC and will the airbag computer probably need to be told that a new one has been fitted to clear the indecent / reset ?
    The scenario i’m looking into involves a side impact that only triggered the seat so I think we can assume it’s a “light” crash.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Well, there is your problem of course, I understand that. Car ECU’s have fairly standard reset commands you can issue on the bus, but that won’t tell you anything on how deep the reset really is. Just as an example, the locking computer will not simply deep reset and allow you to use another electronic key. So we’re all talking in terms of “in principle, it should…..” and the devil is in the details. I am not a Renault mechanic, just a simple car owner who happened to have an interest in the data of the car. The real procedures are accessible through the dealership in Renault’s intranet and the CLIP software to actually “do things”. No friendly dealer around?

      BTW, if you do get hold of information like this, we’re of course always interested, but I am very aware I am reversing the question now.

      • genawin says:

        I have tried using CanZE to reset the airbag alert but it says MSG is null and asks if the car is on ? when I ask it to clear it replies clear sent but unexpected result. – I should point out I’m using the ELM from my Leaf and even though it has worked perfectly it’s not one of your preferred ones so I have just ordered a new one as recommended.
        I also have an alert that states Electric motor failure – The car has been involved in a side impact but to the best of my knowledge and inspection I haven’t spotted a reason for it ?

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          Hello genawin. The get DTC’s and reset code for the ECU’s is very shoddy. It’s really a neglected part of the code. Sorry. You might wan to get yourself an i907 for this, as this part of CANZE is not mature (and I am being kind here).

  11. genawin says:

    OK , If I find out anything worth posting I will , Thanks again.

  12. Manfred Alfare says:

    How to make graphs from the log files?

  13. Borut says:

    Is there a way in can ze to see why is clima compressor not starting?
    In clima battery interaction there is just No in the HV colling state,All other numbers are normal.

  14. Hello Jeroen , I went ahead and bought the i907 to get DTC’s and reset them – They all come up again and it reads 8 faults the airbag computer should be replaced after impact and all 4 front seat airbags have open circuit faults , passenger detection open circuit , passenger side impact detector open circuit fault , warning light circuit fault and lastly airbag computer supply voltage low – despite the lead acid being 12.4v ?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Enter key card -> Gear to D -> Hold start button for approximately 5 seconds until the “Remove card” message appears -> Gear to P. After this sequence clearing DTCs with the i907 is successful.

      • It’s not working for me Jeroen ?

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          Can I give your email address to the guy who got this info from the dealer (and has a i907) and ask him to contact you? The dealer has to do this fiddling too when they erase error codes using CLIP (the diagnostic tool the dealers use). I have no i907 and in CanZE I never worked VERY hard to get it all operational, so I am basically a message-passer now……..

          • Yes please Jeroen, and thank you for your help.

          • genawin says:

            Could I ask you Jeroen as I’m not getting anywhere with clearing the DTC’s would it be worth locating the airbag computer – disconnecting it and reconnecting it to see if it will then respond as if it had been replaced ?

          • Jeroen Meijer says:

            genawin, I have really no idea. As said, not a car mechanic. And I don’t know where it’s located. What follows is strictly my opinion, for what it’s worth. I am not the easily scared kind of guy when it comes to “systems”. Worst case they break. There are two systems though in my car that I will not touch, and to which I will not send any unknown commands “just to try”: brakes and airbags.

          • Jeroen Meijer says:

            There is one other option if you can’t fix it with i907, and if you don’t have a friendly dealer around the corner.

            By law, all car makers are obliged to sell their diagnostics tool on the market, to enable non-brand garages to do maintenance. I talked with Renault about that (not the dealership, but Renault NL). Maybe you can get your hands on one. He said the official price is above 2000 euro’s, but if you have a peek at your friendly auction for sites “Renault CLIP” and you’ll find clones around 200. No guarantees about those clones of course, at least not from me, especially regarding up to date software. The hardware clone is probably fine.

    • Harm says:

      Hi Martin, I also have an i907, but before you can actually delete DTC messages, you have to put the Zoe into a special mode.
      To do this, do the following (Zoe may not be started yet):
      1. Insert your Renault card into the slot in the car.
      2. Put the lever to D (Drive)
      3. Press and hold the Start button for 5 seconds, until you see “Remove card” in the display.
      4. Put the lever back to P (Park)

      Please let me know if it works.

  15. genawin says:

    I’m still trying to get to the bottom of this and it’s looking doubtful that these units can be reset – I’ll report back any findings , But I would like your opinion Jeroen on a related matter – even though I cleared the “warning electric motor failure” the car does not drive are you aware of any relays / contactors that need resting or any reason why the airbag warning would interrupt drive ?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      If you accept this is really just an opinion………. I don’t think the Airbag computer plays any role in the powering up sequence. If your airbags are malfunctioning, I doubt it would nanny you into not powering up. However, from what I understood it did blew one or more airbags? If so it will surely have send a crash message and I would imagine that would immediately kill all HV (in the battery pack computer, the LBC’s) and 12 volt systems (probably controlled through the EVC or the USM computer (USM is also nown under the names APC;UCM;UPC;UDP).

  16. genawin says:

    It was a side impact that triggered just 1 seat side airbag, all systems are up and working except drive but I wonder if there is a similar check done to see if there is a passenger to the drivers seat (pressure sensor) which as we know goes through the airbag ECU ?
    I’ve sent the ECU to the first of two specialists that think it can be reset if not I will then fit a new one – so should be interesting to see if there’s a difference in the powering up.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Is the HV system coming up? If so, my hypothesis is clearly wrong. My line of thinking was that a crash message (if an airbag is triggered, I am 99% confident that a crash message was sent) is detected, relevant ECU’s shut off things. In other words, replacing the AB computer will probably not fix it, it’s probably one of the other systems. If the HV is enabled it’s not the LBC’s I’d think. More likely the EVC. All guessing.

  17. genawin says:

    How would you define the the HV system as coming up – It is displaying range and I can get quite a lot of data through CanZe – temp cell voltages SOH (105%) etc. ?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      I’d say if it charges, the contacter closes for sure. If the airco motor runs when pressed for a low cabin temperature, the HV is connected (the compressor runs on the 400V system). If that’s all working, I’d say the problem is in the EVC or the PEB, not the battery.

  18. genawin says:

    I was told today by a chap that has just taken a look at my ECU that it can definitely be reset but would cost more than a new one because this is not known to the specialists that do it so the initial cost is high and falls when the number of requests go up due to the sharing of codes in what appears to be quite a close knit community , I quizzed him about the drive and he is certain that will come back with the reset / replacement , He says that post 2012 Renault’s will cut fuel pump and ignition until ECU is reset.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      I am not sure what computer you are referring to when you say “my ECU”, but what you describe does actually point to the EV equivalent of the motor controller, which would be the EVC. AFAIK the airbag ECU is not sending any relevant active data until it triggers.

      Interesting stuff, though I don’t envy you at the moment.

  19. Mónica Ruiz says:


    Is there any possibilities to use this application with a Twizy?

    I would like to use the “ELM TESTING”, how could I write a query in it? I tried for example “0c6,0” as I read in a comment here but seems like it doesn’t work. It shows the next message “Request field does not exist”.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      We have not put any effort in getting this to work with a Twizy. We’d love to, but we don’t have one 😉 However, have a look here http://canze.fisch.lu/canze-spinoff-in-the-spirit-of-open-source-software/ I can put you in contact with him if you want.

      The ELM testing is very experimental and now only works on pre-defined fields, so is leaning totally on the ZOE and Fluence/Kangoo database. Yes I know I should make something more free-form….

      • Günther Blüml says:

        I own a Twizy for 3 weeks now and would like to contribute to the project.
        Is there a document or guide how to add the fields and ecu data to the asset files, to get the data displayed?
        As the project is already a big complex beast, it would speed up the process and would save the time to reverse the information in the code.
        Kind regards,

  20. Loc Dao says:

    Hello lovely developers of CanZE,

    I love everything about the app, just super convenient and powerful. But I still have some questions about the features as I am not fully understand every parameters, also some feedback about bugs (I think so)

    1. In the tab consumption, what does Econometer (kW) and Available Energy (kWh) mean? Is it the Power and the Energy of the car?

    Is the Wheel Torque equivalent to the Torque of the electric motor? I want to know the Torque and revolution per minutes of the eletric motor (in German Drehzahl and Drehmoment E-Maschine), If the Wheel Torque = E-motor Torque, can I get the RPM from Power and Torque?

    My guess is it not the same, if not, is there any way I can get those measurements?

    2. Everytime I change the Car type from ZOE R210 to R240 (I test the R240), the app just stops and cannot be opened again. I need to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing. Is it important to change the car type? and how can I fix this?

    3. Battery tab, State of Health % = 101. This one I cannot understand.

    Also the Cell Voltage indicates 3 lines (red, blue, green) Does it stand for 3 cells?

    And also the lines in Battery modules temp, I cannot understand that also.

    4. There are 2 functions which I do not understand and cannot use

    They are Diagnostic Trouble Codes and ELM test activity (this often shows ELM test ready)

    I really really appreciate your answer. Love you guys. Great work

    Greetings from Germany

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      1) kW = power the motor takes. kWh = how much juice there is left in the battery

      Torque is stated in total wheel torque. Motor torque is roughly 9 times lower (and motor RPM of course 9 times higher)

      2) That is a nasty bug. I will look into it, thank you for reporting Bob fixed it.

      3) SOH is an arbitrary relative capacity approximation of the battery done by the battery management computer in the car. 100% is nominal. We’ve seen new batteries of up to 107%. The cells are simply above nominal spec. Cell voltages is minimum / current / maximum. Same for temps if I am not mistaken.

      4) Forget about those for now. They are not very reliable anyway.

      Thank you for the heads up!

      • Loc Dao says:

        One more questions, the logs I received are kind of … unreadable
        Is there any special software that reads this kind of log files, or is there any methods?

        Example for debug log: 2016-10-31 09:23:46.677: 0x130,44
        2016-10-31 09:23:46.704: 0x186,16

        Example for field log: 2016-10-31-09-25-40,time,SID,value


        • Bob Fisch says:

          #crash: Did you try this mornings release?

          #log: There are two logging features. Which one did you use?

          • Loc says:

            I havent tried the new release, will do next week and report back
            I log only device, not in SD card, is there a difference?

          • Bob Fisch says:

            The option “Log to sdcard1” logs predefind fields, the other one logs the fields requested by the actual visible screen.

          • Loc Dao says:

            I’ll try next week and lets see how its done

            Btw I still have 2 more questions. The new version of CanZE you talked about, I looked up on Google Play, the app wasn’t updated or has a new update recently, how can I get the new one? Is there a difference if I use R210 settings for R240 ZOE?

            The second question is about the motor torque. I really want to find out the E-motor Torque as well as the RPM. As Jeroen said above, the motor’s torque is roughly 9 times lower than wheel’s torque, and since Power = torque x RPM, RPM should be around 9 times higher. I googled this problem but all the mathematics included gear and final drive ratio factors. Do you know the correct scientific solving for the “9 times” difference between wheel’s and engine’s?


          • Bob Fisch says:

            The new version is 1.17 an has been release 2 days ago.

            For the question about R210 an R240, I think Jeroen can give certainly a more precise answer as well as for your second question 😉

          • Jeroen Meijer says:

            The differences between the models have to do with the charging prediction model. An R model can charge 22 kW max, the R 43 kW. And then of course there is battery size!

            Torque is truly simple. Everything stated in CanZE, acceleration or braking, is stated in combined wheel torque (so it doesn’t matter if the torque is equally divided by the differential or not). Motor Torque is simply 9-and-a-bit times LESS (the reduction ratio in the fixed gear) than wheel torque, and consequently Motor RPM is the same factor MORE than wheel RPM. We never use RPM, but wheel RPM can easily be derived from the speed of the car..

            Hope this helps.

          • Loc Dao says:

            Thanks alot Jeroen

            I will try the option for R240 and see the difference

            Otherwise, thanks to your advice, I found the fixed tranmission ratio of Renault ZOE (and also for usual EV) is 9.32

            Thanks alot guys. Can I continue to ask if I have further questions?

          • Jeroen Meijer says:

            Of course you can!

            In the code we use 9.3 if we need to get from motor to wheels. Oh well, I guess 0.2% deviation is ok 😉

            BTW, as you can see on the issue tracker on github, not all troubles are fixed yet. Working on them, fix is in place but needs testing / releasing.

          • Loc Dao says:

            Hi Bob, hi Jeroen

            I tested the ZOE R240 this morning again with the new version

            1. The function to choose between R210 and R240 was good, but the Battery tab didn’t work anymore. Everything there were empty (State of Health, Cell Voltage, etc.) We drove for about 6km with that tab but still nothing was shown. Also, I tested with 2 cell phones (one of which worked perfectly last time, with the older version), so I think the problem wasn’t with the cell phone but with the new version.

            2. Secondly, this time I tested with “log to SDcard”. And after driving, there is nothing shown in SDcard, not a single file related to CanZE, although the logs in device were there (but still unreadable for me). My settings were

            Log level: All (from None, Only Devive, All)
            Log to SDcard ticked
            Fields and Debug ticked.
            Type of car R240

            Was there something wrong or I need to change to settings? Do I need to do some kind of “steps by steps” before driving?

            3. There is something new with the function wheel torque that I concerned. Last time with the old version, it was different. In the tab Driving info, from the old version, The bar that show Wheel Torque didn’t have a blue line under it. But this morning when I tested with the new version, there is a small blue line under the bar, What does that blue line show?

            The Wheel torque in Consumption tab varied from minus to plus, when and why does it change to minus? Is that from braking the vehicle?

            On Wikipedia it says the engine from ZOE is 90PS and 220Nm, which I think the RPM maximal should be 220 * 9.32 = 2050 Nm. Last time we tested, The Wheel Torque went up to -2358 Nm, how can I understand this?

            If you could fix the app or show me how to get it right, it would be so great. Thank you for your efforts guys.

          • Bob Fisch says:


            @1: I can confirm this and will have to take a deeper look at what does not work.

            @2: I must wait ’till this noon to read out my device …

            @3: The blue line is there quite a long time. It displays the maximum break torque you may apply without “loosing” energy, so as soon as you press the breaks to much and the blue line is shorter than the line just above, the mechanical breaks will start to do their job.

          • Jeroen Meijer says:

            To expand a bit on @3: negative torque is exactly that, decelerating. The green bar shows the total deceleration torque, the blue bar how much the car CAN do on the motor alone. See http://canze.fisch.lu/the-blue-aiming-bar-explained/ and http://canze.fisch.lu/interesting-question-about-the-torque-ar/ I would also kindly advise you to read http://canze.fisch.lu/the-zoe-braking-system/

            You are making a mistake with the calculation. First, the green bar is TOTAL torque. Of course in acceleration this is 100% from the motor, but in deceleration there is additional friction torque. Furthermore, the car cannot regenerate 70+ kW. It caps around 40 and ONLY if that is allowable given the SOC and battery temperature.

          • Bob Fisch says:

            The battery screen is fixed and should work again. Please be patient for the update to stream to your device.

          • Bob Fisch says:

            @2: Both logging options work fine for me. The first generates file named “field-xyz.log” in the CanZE folder whereas the second creates files prefixed with “data- …”.

          • Loc Dao says:

            @Bob: Thanks for checking, hope you can find out where it’s not right with my test. Also, is the my settings for the app correct? What’s more important to me is the logging function and device log is unreadable, log to SDcard is also not working 😛


            I read what you provided. As far as I understand, the friction torque only applied when the requested braking torque is higher than the regeneration limit, otherwise, the negative torque is just the motor going backwards?

            So as long as the wheel torque does not exceed the blue aim bar, can I apply the fixed transmission ratio 9.32 to calculate motor torque from wheel torque?

            And the RPM can be calculated from the Power (from driving info – Econometer) divide the torque?

          • Loc Dao says:

            Hi Bob,

            We test again this morning, the logging function still didn’t work and I don’t know how
            Is there something I need to do before driving? The micro SDcard seems to work well, also the cellphone and the app.

            Like I said before, the settings were:

            Log level: All (from None, Only Devive, All)
            Log to SDcard checked
            Fields and Debug checked.
            Type of car R240

            What should I choose in remote device? there is ELM327 and Bob due (I don’t understand this)
            and for Options? I checked Safe Driving Mode, Bluetooth Background Mode

          • Bob Fisch says:


            “Log level” has nothing to do with the logging feature!
            I would not recommend to do the three kind of logging all at once. That may be somewhat heavy. Try to select only one.

            “Remote device” is the kind of device that is connected via Bluetooth. In case of the ELM327 dongle, chose ELM327. If you made a Arduino-based dongle with my firmware, chose “Bob Due”.

            “Safe driving mode” blocks any kind of navigation when the car starts moving.

            “Bluetooth background mode” mode leaves the App active even if not running in foreground.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Sorry I had missed earlier comments. Crash should be fixed by a new release this morning, thanks @Bob

  21. Loc Dao says:

    Hey Bob,

    Sorry to start a new Comment, the old one is too long already

    Thanks for the new update, the Battery screen is fixed. But we still have problem logging to SDcard. It still doesn’t work for me. Either I choose log to SDcard, fields or debug, all the files was logged to device. Is there something I need to notice about?

    One more thing, as far as I understand, the fields option will log the current visible screen, so if I switch the screen (safe driving mode not chosen), will there be another field file? Or it will continue to log to the same file? And the option log to SDcard logs predefined fields, which field does it log? I still can’t seem to read the log files. Is there a way to read them, or any special software to read those files except from notepad? (I opened with NOTEPAD or File Viewer). It would be so great if you can show me how to read them and recognize which value is from which measurement etc.

    Thank you Bob

    • Bob Fisch says:

      If this is a real issue, please make en entry here so that all collaborators can help tracking it down.

      Yes, if you switch the screen, the logged fields will change to what the actual screen queries from the CAN bus.
      The log files can be read with any text editor.

  22. Borut says:

    Will ever be possible to change some car settings with canze for instance cap the max charging current to lower rate.?

    • Bob Fisch says:

      In don’t think so …

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      And to expand on that a little bit… Nope, but you can see where I am heading with this gateway project. Home automation can figure out the SOC while charging and disable the chargepoint when enough is enough. That is not hard. What is hard is to think of a good algorithm on WHEN to disable. I.e., it can IF I don’t go away tomorrow AND the sun weather forecast is sunny (PV) 🙂

  23. Borut says:

    It is not possible or you will not do it ?
    I have a 22kw charging station at work but don’t want to charge that fast since the car is parked there for 8 hours so it would be nice if I had a choice of selecting charging power .
    Or I will have to buy another cable for 1 phase 7 kw charging.

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Reading what is going on on the CAN bus is one thing, modifying is in my opinion something else. If you one doesn’t know what he’s doing, he could break things. I don’t know how to change the car’s settings and I don’t want to break it, so I don’t ask if it is possible or not.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Bob is absolutely right on this one. We will not try to modify any settings, simple as that. I have no idea why you would want to limit charging in your scenario, 22 kW is absolutely not bad for the battery.

      If you are determined no not charge it to full, you need to use the prediction screen in canze, set your alarmclock and decouple it when the time comes.

      If you are determined to lower the charge power you indeed need to buy/make a new charger cable with a modified resistor in the PP line. Or mount a little switch in the plug if you are confident doing such modification.

  24. Borut says:

    Jeroen Meijer says:
    ” 22 kW is absolutely not bad for the battery.”
    I ‘m not sure about that, I think the lower the charging current the better for the battery.and then is the line noise that the zoe produces, all the lights in the office are buzzing when I charge with 22 kW, but doesn’t when the battery is cold and not charging at full rate.
    My cable has special security screw’s and I cannot find a screwdriver for those anywhere.It is a penta something.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      That is a choice and I respect that 🙂

      The screws are most probably torx screws, but the gist is the same: yes you need to do something with the cable if you can’t modify the car or the chargepoint.

  25. Borut says:

    What is DC load and 12 V current in canze/charging,How you measure it.

    Thank you


  26. Borut says:

    I understand 12 V current, but DC load ? It is not Watt or kW. I cannot figure out what could that be. % of something ?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      DC load should actually be called DCDC load and it seems to be the load on the 400 -> 12 volt converter. It’s unit is %.

  27. Loc Dao says:

    Hi Bob, hi Jeroen,

    I have some questions 😀

    The experimental screens, they don’t work very well right? Sometimes they just don’t load or show some unreal values.

    Will the logging function still working without a SD card? That’s the problem I mentioned before, somehow android and CanZE create a folder direct in my phone and not in the SDcard, so I was wondering if it works without an SD card (it worked with my phone, but I haven’t seen any thread or topics that said it works without), we’re buying a tablet especially for the Z.E. car, and without the SDcard slot its somewhat cheaper.

    I’ve seen you deleted the orphan codes from fields.java. but this line is still somehow not right.
    Line 305 + “1fd,0,7,0.390625,0,1,%,,,ff\n” // 12V Battery Current?
    Can you check again if it’s really % or A?


    • Bob Fisch says:

      The name “experimental” says all, doesn’t it?

      The logging works, but is no necessarily made onto a real SD card. My Nexus 7 has only an “internal card” and everything works well.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Same as Bob, runs fine on my phone without SDcard
      1fd.0 is the load percentage of the DCDC converter. Looks like it is a 1kW converter, so % is very roughly same as amps, but the definition is amps

  28. Borut says:

    Looking at the clima compressor’s connector, it is 2 wire connector witch mean that a compressor has a DC brushed motor or it has it’s own inverter build in the compressor case ?
    Do you have any info on this?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Looking at the BCB/JB pictures posted earlier, my conclusion is that the compressor cable is running directly from the 400 volt bus. There is only an extra fuse in that line. In other words, I believe that the compressor holds it’s own power electronics.

  29. AQQU says:

    Is it possible to export the collected data per trip / trip-leg to a file for offline review?

  30. Loc Dao says:

    Hi Bob, hi Jeroen,

    I have few more questions that came up while we were testing

    1. Is it possible that the KW902 Dongle to connect with 2 mobile devices at once? So we can observe many screens at a same time?

    2. As far as I know, the fields log will log the current visible screen, if we switch to another screen, it will stop those parameters from that screen and the fields.log continue to log the other parameters of the new screen we switch to, is it possible to log multiple screens (or all screens) at the same time? By this way we can have many parameters to observe with the same time duration.

    3. One last thing for today. The HV battery voltage of about 30 mins driving has the average value of 7.54 V, is it normal?

    Thanks for the answers

    • Bob Fisch says:

      @1: No, I don’t think this is possible.

      @2: Not yet. A customizable logging screen has been planned but not yet implemented. Will be probably in the next release.

      @3: Jeroen?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      @1 No, a KW902 has only one CANbus interface. However, the Arduino Due has two. But now we’re into building your own hardware territory and we don’t have a GVRET driver in CanZE. If ou can explain to me why you would want his I might be able to help out. The second bus on the OND2 connector is the multimedia bus and I can assure you there is nothing interesting on it

      @3 That is absolutely not normal and probably a bug in a definition. Can you send me a screen print? It should be in the neighborhood of 380 volts for the pack and 3.8 per cell

  31. Loc Dao says:


    Here is the screenshot from SID 7ec.623203.24 (HV battery voltage). We also think it is not right, HV for about 7V

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      That is not a CanZE screen 😉 I can’t comment on that, as I don’t know how you got to it. Was this data produced by CanZE logging? Or was this taken from the CANbus by other means.

    • Loc Dao says:

      1. The screenshot I provided was logged by CanZE. I just filter them and put all the values of SID 7ec.623203.24 (HV battery voltage) in an excel file. Can you look if there is a bug there?

      2. BTW I think there is another bug. the HV battery ampere is logged by CanZE with 5 digits (for example 35555). According to the fields.java, it has A as unit and 2 decimals, but then 355,55 A (for example) is too much for HV battery current? I think the 5 digits number is in mA, or A and 3 decimals

      It is in line
      478 + “7ec,24,39,0.25,32768,2,A,223204,623204,ff\n” // HV Battery current

      3. The SOC values (from the 2 SIDs from Source Code) are not appeared anymore, I think there is also a bug here. We tried all screens, SOC values didn’t come out in either fields log or data log.

  32. Jeroen Meijer says:

    @1 and @2: Yes, but not now. We have day jobs and there are a few things to do in CanZE that are bloody interesting, but also take a lot of time. That’s not to be rude, on the contrary, we’re very happy with bug reports. I am just saying we’re not going to fix that in the next few days. Maybe you can have one of your college-students have a peek? We’re happy to merge decent commits.

    • Loc says:

      Don’t worry sir, I just want to report the bugs, I know it’s your hobby job, so please don’t worry :p

      I’m glad that you developed this wonderful application for the ZE users. Btw, I created a windows app that can filter specific values from the original .log files, they filter and export to excel in order to be easier for windows user. Are you interested in this?

      I think our hochschule will find a colleague or student who has knowledge in this field to help out the project soon, I’ll tell the professor about this

      • Bob Fisch says:

        This is a free project, so anyone can contribute. If you got some interesting stuff and you want to share it here, no problem. We are as open as the software we write 😉

  33. Albino-Zoe says:


    I have read a lot here, but certainly not everything 😉 …. I give my best.

    What is the real purpose of this project at the moment?

    I’d like to know: Just read out for specific cases or even the vision -> CanZE as a substitute for the ads in the car?

    “Just” do not mean it’s so easy. Please do not misunderstand me!!!!
    You do a great job!

    I need an “outlook”!
    I would like to know whether CanZE in the future for me the alternative display in the car can or should be.

    I would love it.

    Because only then does it make sense to pass on my ideas to you in https://github.com/fesch/CanZE/issues,
    because otherwise you only need unnecessary work.

    I’m looking forward to your feedback.

    Zoe Intens R240 (25.08.2016) 25.000km/Jahr CanZE (Android) (V1.22) mit KW902 ELM327 (27.01.2017)

    • Bob Fisch says:

      There may be other authors with other goals regarding the purpose of CanZE.
      For me, personnaly, it’s an complement to the car’s indicator, not a replacement.
      It’s geeky tool that displays what the car does not show 😉
      It’s a kind of playground too, so no static thing at all.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      If I can add to that:

      – most of all, CanZE is a hobby that has spun completely out of control. The only thing I wanted is read the SOC for house automation integration. D’uh;

      – bonus points for learning Android programming along the way. So yes, semi-professional playground. And interesting how to deal with literally thousands of users.

      – was never intended as alternative display. But it sure is an ADDITIONAL display, as fesch said.

      In more general terms I’d say CanZE is intended to make the driver more self-sufficient. By understanding how (s)he can maximize range. To understand why a charging session fails. To per-emptivly spot issues (tires, battery cells & temps). To understand charging behavior and thus minimizing travel time.

      For me personally, while I feel for driving itself there is not much I can learn now, I always have it up, either in the Consumption or in the Driving screen. As I feel we’ve covered energy management now well enough, my personal focus development wise is now more on diagnostics.

  34. Albino-Zoe says:

    Thx …
    As in normal life, convince people with arguments or with money 😉 … I try it first in https://github.com/fesch/CanZE/issues with arguments 🙂 …Hopefully I will not be banished, I can be persistent 😉

  35. Hi!

    I’m recently got a hold of a Zoe and just started out with some basic sniffing on the canbus (after seeing one of Jeroen’s videos of youtube), just to get a hang of how the can bus actually works.

    I’m basically piping the output candump into a small ruby script that i wrote, and I’ve successfully converted all the free frames i want to capture and parsed out their correct values.

    However, I’m trying to request some frames as well, like the “Maximum charger power” that Jeroen is doing in this video:

    I thought i was as simple as sending 7E4#223444 to with cansend and get an answer back from 7EC with the data, but… no luck.

    Could you maybe give me a hint to get in the right direction to getting this to work? Would be much appreciated.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      HI Mattias, Congrats on your ZOE. Seems like you are using an interface using a lawicel interface with the linux network stack. I have never used that, so I can’t help out there. Most important thing is that these commands use isotp, so your stack needs to (un)wrap your commands (responses). I hope that helps a little bit.

      • HI, and thanks for the reply!

        You’re correct, I’m using a socketcan compatible usb-interface from Kvaser (leaf light). Can-utils works very well actually, with the ability to easly sniff/listen/and send packets with cansniffer/candump and cansend.

        I started out with a schema for Fluence ZE that a guy named Alexandre Moleiro made, but found the CanZe source code on github later on, which made my life a bit easier 😉

  36. Ok, found it. I forgot to put in the length in the frame. This works for example:
    cansend can0 744#

  37. Mark Nixon says:

    Hi there, love the CanZE app! I was wondering, is there any documentation here that explains (1) the data that is contained in the log files (2) and the structure of the log files. Otherwise, I’m finding it pretty hard to interpret them. I’m interested in extracting/graphing some of the data from the app that I’m having to jot down manually at the moment (such as SOC%, available energy kWh, etc), and I’m hoping there is a better way. Thanks for your help.

  38. Fernando says:

    Hello! Is Renault Twizy supported? I’m willing to help with mine and with a Kia Soul EV.

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Some parts of CanZE do work, as the PIDs are the same. Others don’t, because the software has no deeper knowledge of the Twizy’s CAN configuration.

      Feel free to fork and make pull requests 😉
      You’re welcome!

  39. Maciej says:

    Hi all!
    I’d like to develop a small tool to send some data from the Can bus to my Home Automation platform which is based on http://openhab.org. In my view it’s more then enough to have a connection when the car is in my garage only. My first idea is to create a small App which runs on a Linux- or MacOS-machine and communicate via Wifi or Bluetooth with a dongle. All the data might be then send to OpenHAB using the MQTT protocol. What do you think about it?

    Where can I find a documentation about the Can protocol?

  40. Francesc says:

    Hello on later versions, i was able to see Kwh total consumed in “experienced view” above Total KM. Now it has dissapeared. Any reason¿? IT was really interesting so i could calculate and see really KWh consumed with precision oh 0,1kwh .
    Another feature, on “iCarSoft ODBii reader” i see a parameter, “total kwh charged”.. insteresting to see how much energy is used and calculate “regular efficientcy” of the ZOE charges… on overall.

    Salutes from Spain 🙂

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      This field turned out to be not consistent between different car models, that is why we removed it. I can’t exactly remember which one worked and which didn’t.

      • Francesc Signes says:

        Thanks. My way is to use and old phone with that old canZE. So i still can see it.
        In new phone new CanZE no posible.
        Could you put it in experimental?
        So… As it reads… It could run or not

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          Correct (run or not). So you are saying it works for your car. What type of car is it (Fluence / Kangoo / Q210 / R240 / Q90 / R90)?

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          I have uncommented this in my development version and I am not getting any data (2013 Q210). The only thing I can imagine is that we are somehow using an incorrect field definition. Can you tell me please which CanZE version you are running on that olf phone (in yellow in the settings screen), so I can go back in the repository to a known good point? If that is not the issue, or if it is indeed different but does not show I am afraid I will have to let it go.

          Other than that, please do report issues and requests on github https://github.com/fesch/CanZE/issues . It was a coïncidence I found your comment.

  41. Borut says:

    on my R240 late 2015 the number was 0
    that number was shown in clip tool ok

  42. Zoe says:

    Hello! I’m interested in a higher temporal resolution > 1Hz (log files). Is it possible?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      The app can easily do that. Problem is the dongles. We might be able to fix that, but that is still “under consideration”. And will require DIY hardware!

  43. Stephen Brown says:

    Hello I have a question regards the Q&A entry recopied below. I wanted to make sure I properly understood:

    Q:Charger xxx doesn’t seem to go full power. How can I check?
    A: You can easily see if the charger is holding back or the car is in the Charging screen.
    – “Available charging power” is what the charger is stating as maximum.
    – “Max battery charge/regen” is what the car can absorb given the SOC, temperature and maybe some other black magic.

    I understood by this that:
    – the maximum charging power shown in the app for for my Zoé ZE40 R90 corresponds to about 51K I assume this means a “rapid charger (43-51 KVA).
    – this morning, after driving to work, by “Max battery charge/regen” was shown 5.6 kW whereas the available recharge capacity is shown as 10.6 kW. So does this actually mean that at that time the battery could only receive a transfer of about 5 600 W and not 10 600 W? The outside temp was -3°C and the battery temp about 7°C and actual/usable charge was 74/72%.

    Thanks for putting strait my questions.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      The max battery charge regen is what the car is willing to take. Note that it can overshoot a bit during regen, but not for longer than one minute.

      Available charging power is what the chargepoint is willing to give.

      Hope this answers your question

      • Stephen Brown says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply. I understand the max charging power. For the “Max battery charge/regen” and your comment is that meant as an instantaneous max rate possible for example during regen braking? Or some other timebase eg per 15 min? Eg If I look at the published recharging times for a ZE40 R90 going from 20-80% SOC is quoted as 1h14 which equates roughly to a transfer rate of 5 000 W/15 min. Sorry for the continued question, I didn’t quite understand.

    • Borut says:

      What is the highest max battery charge regen for ze40 battery, I haven seen it higher than 34 kW?

    • Borut says:

      @ Stephen
      Max charge regen is max power at witch the battery bms will alow charging, how high it is depends on three factors:
      1 State of charge
      2 Temperature of the battery
      3 State of health
      so if your charger is 22 kw and battery max chargepower is 5 kw it will charge at 5 kw
      I have upgraded my r240 to ze 40 battery and new battery is also slower to charge then old one.

      • Paulo Amaral Silva says:

        Hi Borut. Where did you make the battery upgrade for a R240? Renault PT said to me that’s not available anywhere.

        • Borut says:

          Hello Paulo Amaral Silva
          I have made the battery upgrade on december 2017 at Renault.si ,avtotehnika-celje Slovenia.
          It was possible then , I dont know if it is still an option .

  44. Stephen Brown says:

    Thanks @Jeroen and @Borut, I understand much better now. I guess it’s a learning curve.

    Another point, having read the battery Q&A and looked at the R90 Max_charge_power_170406.pdf shown by @Wolfgang. I can understand that “accelerated” charging on a public charging station rated @18-21 kW/h quickly shows diminishing returns once the SOC passes 50%. So mostly pointless starting a session if your SOC is already high, particularly if your battery is @ <5-6°C. Recently, I was all ready to slang off the local operator (Sydego, Loire Atlantique, Fr) when I only managed a total transfer of about 8 kW in 1.25h at one of their charging stations. Whilst the total cost was small at just over €4, in relative terms it was very expensive for the kW transferred. Now I see why but I guess you already know that. A good reason to have CANZE.

    My R90 is showing 38.3 kWh as the max charge (as opposed to "41 kWh") with current battery temps 3-9°C and SOH 101%.

    When I take all that into consideration together with your suggestions ("Fast charging guidelines (for Zoe)"), for a long trip. I was concerned that I would get low charging rates and need long stops like I mentioned above. For the 280 Km trip I am planning, as you say I should discharge the battery to 10-15% before "accelerated" charging @18kW and stop at about 70%. Going to 80% as many suggest just prolongs the intermediate stops and is boring. Better to do two shorter charging stops of an hour and a longer charge at destination.

  45. Stephen Brown says:

    Hi, when I use the Technical/Charging menu page I’m no longer getting the Real state of charge % and Max battery charge/regen kW data. It worked fine at first. I rebooted the phone and that worked once but then it stopped again. Can you suggest anything I can do to get this information back? Zoé ZE40 R90/Galaxy S8 Android 7. Thanks, Steve

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Please do retry with the “engine” not “started” (so car “on” but not “READY”). It seems the 90 models overwhelm the new and downgraded KONNWEI dongles. We are trying to find a solution for that, but it ain’t simple.

  46. Stephen Brown says:

    @Jeroen thanks for the suggestion. I tried that and as soon as the Konnwei and my phone connected the two missing parameters were populated (I assume opening the car’s door woke it up). When I pressed Start, the values returned to zero. I followed your suggestion twice and it worked both times.

  47. Stephen Brown says:

    @Jeroen. The Charging Prediction menu page doesn’t populate anymore (it used to). It didn’t seem to make any difference when I followed the “wake up” route suggested above. Would you have any suggestion? Thanks, Steve

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      It’s probably the same problem. When charging, the car is “awake”. The new KONNWEI’s don’t seem to be up to snuff with the traffic ZOE generates. I have no 90 model at my disposal, so it’s more or less impossible for me to test, but that would be my best bet. As said, we’re not passive on this issue, but there is this thing called “having a life”that is getting in the way now and then. The good news is, some hardware from China at least arrived yesterday. 😉

  48. Stephen Brown says:

    No worries 🙂 I’m not a sw expert but if some testing would ever help I’d be happy to help. Regards.

  49. Favre Lucas says:

    Hi Jeroen and Bob,

    I recently bought an open source obd-ii dongle, supporting elm327 v1.5. This while I can not determine the protocol supported by a Kangoo ZE like ISO 15765 CAN 11-bit or 25 bit or ISO 9141. When I plug my dongle on the OBD-II port of Kangoo ZE I have access to no data, as much in the ignition mode as go. Can you tell me which protocol is implemented within a Kangoo Z.E please

  50. NAC says:

    Anyone know if the OBD port has a perpetual” 12v pin?
    If I let the dongle turn on and the car off, after some minutes the dongle stop receiving 12v juice.
    I need 12v anytime, with the car off and closed to implemet a anti thief system

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      That can’t be correct (Sorry!).The OBD2 has a permanent +12, as is required by the OBD standards. However, it’s true that the CanBus goes silent and some dongles fall asleep on a silent CanBUS. So, you are fine for the alarm. From memory it’s pin 16. It’s fused 16A.

  51. hobbes says:


    first of all thanks for all the work for the community! Greatly appreciated.

    I would like to unlock the car doors via ODBII Port. Is that possible?
    I looked at the debugging info from the app while locking and unlocking
    the car but between all the chatter couldn’t seem to find anything that
    would suggest the locking triggered a message there. Thanks for your

    • Bob Fisch says:

      There may be a bit that is flipped it the car enters door locked state, but I think that unlocking the doors via the CAN bus isn’t that easy. At least not via the exposed bus …

  52. Lorenzo says:

    Hi, I have logged some data from a ZOE, but I can’t understand it after first two fields (id, date/time).
    5981988360;2018-07-12-11-50-20;14,500;-5,000;100.0 ;393.0 V;19.25 A;0.0 %;-55.0 Nm;23611;14.5;-25.0;107

    How can I use these logs?

  53. SiW says:

    Hi, how do I change the units from km into miles?

    Great app 🙂


  54. Amazing project !
    Might I suggest you put a donate functionality on your page ?

    I feel silly asking this question, but how can I see if I am below 75% battery capicity, I have some conflicting numbers 🙂

    On battery page: 16.0kWh 83.5% 49.298Ah 377.96V
    Beta Capacity Meter: 75.11 9/12 bars
    KCAPL: 75.15%
    Ah Degradation: 75.15%
    IR Degradation: 69.06

    Again, thanks a lot !

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Thanks, but the team decided against a donate functionality.

      I don’t know about the other values, but the one on the battery page should be correct 😉

      • Walther says:

        Then I will just have to congratulate you again on a great job.
        I know how much effort these projects take!

        Do you happen to know if Renault changes the battery based on SOH, SOC or kWh available ?
        My SOC and SOH are fine, but 16kWh available of 22kWh is only 73%.

        Thank you for the quick reply,

        • Bob Fisch says:

          That’s a nice question, but I can’ answer it. I do not know anybody who got his battery replaced yet …

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          It will be based on SOH, with an additional troubleshooting session between the dealer and Renault France specialists. Please do realize that all these figures except User State of Charge are not, how should I put it, “User Interpretable Parameters” 😉 in other words, you can complain whatever you like seeing a weird value in CanZE, they will just shrug, hook up their far more advanced CLIP tool and tell you everything is fine (or not). And they should really.

          Having said that……..
          1) A low Available Energy on the Technical Charging” screen is slightly strange
          2) Have you had the latest BMS software installed? It’s the first thing they do after low SOH and/or long balancing charging (stuck at 99%) times. The Guess-O-Meter becomes a bit more jittery with the new BMS but overall it’s fine
          3) Apart from truly defective batteries, i.e. with a broken cell inside, I still have to hear about a single low SOH replacement. I am sure it has happened but the cases must be very rare and far between. Some evil tongues whisper the latest BMS contains a “batery-gate”, but IMHO that is silly. By now we know very well where that leads to…..

  55. walther says:

    Thank you for the thorough reply!

    I lease my battery, and translated from Danish, the contract says:

    …as a minimum has charging capacity of 75% of the charging capacity from new…

    That in my opinion has nothing to do with an arbitrary SOH calculation, but I guess I will soon learn otherwise 🙂


    • Bob Fisch says:

      I also believe that this has nothing to do with the SOH. Anyway, we still ignore how the SOH is being calculated, but as the capacity is being available, I would refer to that value.

  56. I have an R90 ZE40 produced in 2018 and in winter times my charging time is very high and charge rate very low even when I start the charging with low SOC and the temperature of the battery is 6 or 7 degrees. I also cannot charge to 100%, the maximum SOC that I was able to charge was 96 – 98%. The SOH in 99% and the car has only a few km above 10K.
    I did an experiment yesterday and started the charge from SOC 97%, battery temperature 6 degrees, outside temperature 2 degrees and I noticed that after a few minutes of charging in the Climate screen the HV battery conditioning mode was “Heat cont req” and the car was not getting any current from the station, the HVAC fan was spinning very slow and after more then three hours the SOC was the same as in the beginning of charge and the values displayed in CanZE the same.
    Some captures I did while charging: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14pfIR8uM_jVez4LtqcNWVLSBgqCSXB4u
    Do you have any insides about when the battery heater should start, how long should take to heat up the battery this if my car has a battery heater at all.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Hi Marius,

      We know nothing about the battery heater, only that it is there, that it has limited capacity. I suspect it is only to kick-start the battery in extreme cold, so that it can self-heat later during the charge. But please note this is pure speculation.

      We have no 90 model to check it with, so that doesn’t really help.

      My advice to you is ensure you have the latest LBC firmware. Long time balancing at the end of charge has been a known problem with older firmware. I think the current version is 0854.


      • Hi Jeroen,

        Thank you very much for your answer, this is was helpful and much faster then Renault. I checked today and you are right, my LBC software version is 0650A regardless that the car is produced in 2018. More screenshots here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17mSQbO0mi5Lh8GDlW-P63LNrasuPlhyG
        Regarding the battery PTC, today I analyzed EVC and HVAC sections with DDT4all and as far as I can tell my car has a PTC battery heater of 1800W. I made some captures of live values and I plan do have a closer look later. Meantime I will ask Renault for a BMS update and lets see if and when they will be able to perform this.

        I you require any help with R90, I can try to help you as much as I can. I have access to two OBD dongles: the recommended one and an WiFi Chinese one; I have DDT4all and some Russian app (PyClip).

        Keep up with the good work and thank you for a very good and useful app.

        Have a nice day,

        • Borut says:

          Hello Marius
          If your ptc battery heater is realy 1800 W it wold heat up the battery in less than half of an hour, My gues is 400 W 12 V heater, there is no 400 V line to the battery cooling box that could deliver 1.8 kW of power.

  57. Loïc says:


    I’ve been looking for several hours now about Zoe CAN PIDs. I haven’t found much except the Renault Fluence ZE CanBus decoding by CT1GVN and the project_canbus_reader.pdf available on this website.

    Do you know if the PIDs used by the CanZE app are available somewhere ?

    Thanks 🙂

    PS: Great job for the app development, this is very helpful to better understand how the Zoe works !

  58. Lucian says:


    my ZOE (2015 /22Kwh) showes a SOH value of 66%. Is this reliable? The max available range is about 150 Km.



  59. Jeroen Meijer says:

    1) Check the firmware of the LBC (Tech > Firmware > LBC > Soft:) . If it not 0854 or higher it is not reliable. I am pretty sure this is the issue at hand, as 150 km is pretty good. Dealer can update; it also solves a problem with cell balancing, keeping charging on 99% for very long.

  60. Thomas says:


    is it possible to store the data in the app and make the data available “offline” (for example to export on a PC)? I would like to have the app active during driving and take a detailed look afterwards….


  61. Quide says:

    Basic question: Which errors reading can canZE do?
    I.e., when comparing to Renault’s clip software, can it read all, just some or none? (I mean car errors like: stop light not working, ESP control problem, windows lift miscommunication, charging port communication failure, …)

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Contrary to other apps, the primary uses case of CanZE is not to read errors, but other information the car does not display.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      In addition to what Bob said: CanZE can read all DTC codes, but there are caveats.
      – not all DTC definitions (verbal descriptions) of all codes are loaded. And even those can be rather cryptic;
      – we have no fault finding trees, meaning you still need to interpret the warnings and errors. Lots are spurious, one-off, or transient too.
      – you can get to them only on a per-ECU basis

      If you want to do more in that arena, I would suggest to try the PC based program DDT4ALL.

  62. tomtom02 says:

    Hi everybody. I have et big problem with my PEB which needs to be replaced. I’d like to repair myself with a crashed vehicle part but the VIN of the PEB seems to be readonly (with DDT4ALL). Anybody could help me ? Thanks !

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      The PEB is VIN coupled to the car, unfortunately. I don’t think that one has been cracked yet, but I know someone on speakEV is trying. From memory it’s mikeselectricstuff, but I am not sure.

  63. Simon E says:

    Hi there,
    First off fantastic project.
    I have a question regarding the units that is outputted.
    Is there any way of knowing what the units are mainly interested in “LongitudinalAccelerationProc” and “TransversalAcceleration”

    Is that also deg/s?
    Any help would be really helpful.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      As far as I can figure,LongitudinalAccelerationProc is in m/s2 and TransversalAcceleration is in g. Are you checking the source code?

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