Battery Health Status

We are trying to find out what handling is the best for our batteries, thus we are happy about each costumer that gives a feedback about his car.

Status (%)
Date measuredCharges
per week
power (kW)
Km (x1000)Car
Fesch2013.051022017.012-33,7closed garage028Zoé
Fesch2013.051022019.015-73.7closed garage060Zoé
Fesch2013.05982021.115-73.7closed garage092Zoé
Fesch2013.05902022.035-73.7closed garage102Zoé
Fesch2013.05882022.045-73.7closed garage103Zoé
Daniel2013.080892015.102-443open carport021Zoé
Tor2015.041002015.105-711open012Zoé (Q210)
Ole2015.061002015.107-153,7 & 22open carport022Zoé
Sandy2014.060982015.101.5-27 & 43open013Zoé
Sandy2014.060902017.011.5-27 & 43open017Zoé
Sandy2014.060882017.051.5-27 & 43open026Zoé
Sandy2014.060852017.051.5-27 & 43open027Zoé
Sandy2014.060982017.061.5-27 & 43open028Zoé (BMS updated)
Sandy2014.060962017.051.5-27 & 43open035Zoé
Sandy2014.060952018.071.5-27 & 43open040Zoé
Sandy2014.060942018.071.5-27 & 43open041Zoé
Sandy2014.060932018.071.5-27 & 43open041Zoé
Sandy2014.060932019.031.5-27 & 43open048Zoé
Fer2015.050872015.106-79.0closed garage012Zoé (Q210)
Fer2015.020912015.106-74.6closed garage018Zoé (Q210)
Ritxi2012.020782015.105-73.3closed garage066Fluence
Fivari2013.121012015.1126.5closed garage028Zoé
Schouf262013.031022015.11722open garage074Zoé
mmezo2014.061022015.111-23closed garage004Zoé
mmezo2014.061022015.1123closed garage006Zoé
Sten2013.060922015.111-27 & 22open carport021Zoé
ener732013.061022015.124-57.4 & 22closed garage062Zoé
Arthur2013.070892015.121-311-22open carport027Zoé (Q210)
Crf2015.121052015.1272open carport002Zoe (R240)
Crf2015.120842017.0772open carport039Zoe (R240)
JoDa2014.060922015.12611closed garage027Zoé
cece742013.040862015.1263.7closed garage051Zoé
Claude2013.050862016.012-311closed garage032Zoé
Tim2013.090892016.012-37 & 43open052Zoé (Q210)
Tim2015.091002016.012-33.7, 7 & 43open009Zoé (Q210)
Grejazi2014.061092016.027-212.3 & 3.7closed garage / carport019Fluence
THellweg2014.080942016.025-722open035Zoe (Q210white)
THellweg2015.120962016.025-722open011Zoe (Q210black)
Alexc2013.120862016.021-222open050 Zoe (R240grey)
lingley2013.060852016.023-72.4-43closed garage042Zoe (Q210)
Kai2013.060842016.033-59, 22 & 43open carport045Zoe (Q210)
Kai2013.060862016.123-59, 22 & 43open carport054Zoe (Q210)
beatus2015.010982016.035-714-43010Zoe (Q210black)
most2016.021052016.032-522open002 Zoé (R240)
JBS-EP Tender2013.031022016.053-47open (near Paris)049Zoe (Q210)
bene2015.100962016.105-622open023Zoe (R240)
Claude2013.050842016.102-311closed garage040Zoé
Bernd2014.120722017.013-522open carport017Zoé (Q210)
Claude2013.050822017.012-311closed garage041Zoé
Fidelio2013.031022017.013-422open072Zoé (Q210)
Grejazi2014.061012017.037-212.3 & 3.7closed garage / carport040Fluence
FrancescZOE 2013.100862017.051-24.6closed garage038Zoé (Q210)
FrancescZOE 2013.100972019.011-220closed garage082Zoé (Q210)
Bruce 2015.050942017.051-27closed garage005Zoé (Q210)
schussi2016.071012017.111-222open020Zoé (R240)
schussi2016.070982018.091-222open030Zoé (R240)
schussi2016.070982020.081-22-22open & closed049Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021052017.032-33-22open000Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021032017.062-33-22open012Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021012017.112-33-22open024Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.021002018.052-36-22open036Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982019.043-46-22open060Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982021.032-33-22open101Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982019.083-46-22open072Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982020.102-33-22open096Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020992018.093-46-22open048Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2017.020982020.013-46-22open084Zoé (R240)
Jin Feng Goh2021.03992021.031-26-22open0Zoé (Z50 R110)
Jin Feng Goh2021.030982021.121-26-43open012Zoé (Z50 R110)
iwi2013.060762017.122-34-22open carport019Zoé
decalco2013.031022016.036-76.4 & 22open056Zoe (Q210)
decalco2017.021012017.025-62.3 & 22open000Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.021002017.085-62.3 & 22closed garage015Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.020992017.125-62.3 & 22closed garage023Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2017.020942019.025-62.3 & 22closed garage050Zoé (Z40 R90)
decalco2019.031022019.035-62.3 & 22closed garage000Zoé (Z40 R110)
decalco2019.03962020.10522open027Zoé (Z40 R110)
decalco2019.03952021.02122open030Zoé (Z40 R110)
decalco2019.030942021.102-322open034Zoé (Z40 R110)
decalco2021.100992021.102-322open000Zoé (Z50 R110)
Gyuri2012.110882017.125-72.3-3.7closed garage048Fluence
Gyuri2012.110792019.015-72.3-3.7closed garage070Fluence
Eros2013.061022018.0172.3 & 43open & closed garage113Zoé (Q210)
Technieq2016.011142018.03212.3 & 3.7open 010Kangoo ZE 26kWh
Pixie2018.101012018.1033garage000Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.101002019.0132+22garage004Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10992019.0632+22garage009Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10982019.1032+22garage014Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10972020.05322garage026Zoe (Z40 R90)
Pixie2018.10952021.10122garage033Zoe (Z40 R90)
Bahrt2018.08832019.035-622open008Zoe (R240)
Zuhril2017.09982019.075-102,3.7,22,43open & closed020 Zoe (Q210)
Peter2015.11732019.071-33,7open & closed033Zoe (R240)
Peter2015.11982019.081-33.7open & closed034Zoe (R240) BMS 0854
Luis Mendes2017.09952019.0972garage029Zoe (Z40 R90)
Alex2019.061002019.111-29/11outdoor parking006Zoe (Z40 R110)
DompaEV2017.02972019.121-33.7-22open & closed018Zoe (Z40 R90)
Limpan4all2019.09952021.036-711open071Zoé (Z40 R110)
Neno12872023.011-210/22open115Zoé (Z40 R90)
Adam2013.10942023.09.092-39-22open & garage239Zoe (Q210)
northcup2022.10982023.09.092-311-22garage17Zoe (R240)

If you want to contribute, please leave a comment in the current post with all relevant information. I will then integrate it into the table and delete the comment.

For reference only, here a table that indicates the settings for the given charging power.

Power (kW)PhasesCurrent (A)

About the Zoe battery

The Zoe has a 26 kWh battery pack (rated capacity), see this document, page 60: 12 modules * 16 cells * 3.75 volt * 36 Ah = 25.92 kWh. However, it’s life would be severely shortened if using that capacity. The BMS caps the capacity by roughly just under 10% on both the charged as well as the discharged end. This saves a lot of battery stress but reduces the capacity to a usable 22 kWh. If you want to know more about how these type of cells should be treated, here is a good link.

62 Comments on “Battery Health Status

  1. I have a ZOE R240 with less than 40000 Km since nov. 2015. Unfortunattely I had an accident, (heck damage). According to my own measurements: SOH 98%, max. delta cell voltage 10mV . Renault car dealer (ZE base !) is taking in account “internal consideration” and classifies the battery as defective. They “cannot” tell me WHY because of “data protection reasons”. I love my car and I don’t want to give up.

    Does anybody have experience with this ? Any hint is welcome.

    Regards from Stuttgart,


    • You might have more input from the forum. My opinion only (I have no experience with this) I assume your battery is rented. If Renault wants to replace it, I wouldn’t object. If you own the battery, the decision is up to you I would think?

      • Hello Jeroen,

        yes the battery is rented and my first step was on that forum. The crux of the matter, till now all happens on my own cost.



        • There is not much I can say, other than that the battery is VERY well protected against damage. Personally, I would take it to a body shop and be happy with it, but that’s me. I always take the dealer’s advice, but not if they cannot explain it. Good luck Lucian.

  2. Nick: Niels
    Purchase: 2017-04
    SOH: 95 (i caught it changing from 96 to 95 close to home, within approx 2 minutes, charged to 100% including balancing, did not change the value.)
    Measured: 28-11-2019
    Charges/week: Variable, 1 full charge on average (previous owner 1-2, estimated about 1.6 full charges)
    Charging speed: Usually 11, sometimes rarely 44 or 22 kW. (Bear in mind drove this car for less than 1000km at time of measuring. I know the previous owner often used 44 kW chargers and charged with 7 or 11 kW at home.)
    Place: Previous owner often in the open, me in the open
    km: 43882
    Car: Zoe Q90

  3. Hi everyone

    What exactly does Battery Health Status mean.
    The table shows some examples where Battery Health Status is greater than 100%.
    Honestly, I thought a perfectly healthy battery had a value of 100%.

    • Almost certainly (I am careful with absolutes), 100% means 100% Ah capacity, with reference to the nominal capacity. In real life, most batteries are delivered 1-3 percents above nominal, I assume to keep production failures for low capacity extremely limited.

  4. Our 22kwh kangoo van shows a state of health of 82%, however this does not seem to check with our usage experience.
    We have a mains power logger which shows that the charge rate is 3.7kw.
    From empty (performance limited) to fully charged takes 4h28m 16.5 kwh
    So 3.7*4.47*100/22 gives 75% battery health.
    This assumes that the charger Power Factor is 1, but per your charger efficiency page, at 16A effiency is known to be about 80%, so my real available power is really only about
    This correlates well with our real experience, from fully charged to flat is only around 13kw (from the vehicle display)
    This is also backed up by the fully charged range/economy figures (miles) 49/3.5 = 63%

    So it seems to me that the Renault figure is total imagination

  5. Hi

    While I was at service center on the beginning of October this year to fix preconditioning issue on my ZOE 50 I asked technician to check battery SOH.

    It showed only 94%, which surprised me a lot, as the car is only 8 months old, and I charge it mostly with 8 A once to twice a week to 90 – 95% SOC. Only once up to 100 %.

    So, here are my data:

    Nickname: Ivan
    Purchased: 2020.02
    SOH: 94
    Measured: 2020.10
    Charges per week: 1-2
    Charging power: 1,76 (220 V @ 8 A Granny cable)
    Charging place: outside
    Km ( x 1000): 005
    Car: Zoe 50 R135

    And BTW, preconditioning was not fixed.

    Stay healthy.

    • I don’t have personal experience with a ZE50, but that SOH for such a new car seems very, very low to me. Most batteries are delivered with a 100-104 SOH and degrade very roughly 2-3% a year. Personally, I would call Customer Service and ask them to make a note of it in the file of your car for warranty reasons, and ask the dealer to do the same.

    • I have zoe ZE50 3 months, has 4200km and my SOH is 90.6% (from pyClip app). The car was produced in february 2020 and 6 months was in showroom at dealer. I have bought it 6 months old with 8km. Maybe the SOH is affected by the cold weather and in the summer it will go up again. At least I hope 🙂
      I also charging it usually with around 2kW, sometimes more and sometime DC.

  6. I have as low as 88.6% SoH after 4050km, 9 months. The same at 0C or 6C. Another ZE50 R135 we have shows 94.6% SOH after 3900km.
    ZE50 R135 Zen
    Is the SoH calculated by cell voltage @ temperature @ soc or is it reported by BMS via CAN ?

    Best regards

    • The honest answer is: we don’t know, we just pull it from LBC (BMS). It’s pretty usual to calculate SOH as a percentage of the capacity in Ah versus a nominal Ah value of the battery, but I am not saying ZE50 does this. XIt seems a bit jittery to me and it will probably go up again in summer. My old Q210 is MUCH slower in adjusting.

      • Thanks for explaining that, let’s hope it’s just BMS calc bug, as actual range of vehicle charged to 100% seems to confirm it’s around 99-100% actually, did not loose any range, it is very similar to their online calculator for speed/temperature.

    • SOH is reported by BMS ECU. I hope, that it is only a bug in the ECU maths of SOH calculating, or it’s temperature/seosonal related and not real SOH of the cells, because now I have 1% less, than month ago. I’m on 89,6% now 🙁 I found, that the SOH increased a bit, when I was on longer trip with 2x 22kW chargings, where the battery temperature was about 20°C, but a few days later again decreased in cold weather.

      • Mine jumped up today from 88.6 to 90.6 without significant temperature change, so I can confirm that there is something wrong with their algorithm for calc

  7. I have a ZE50 R135 that has 3000km and just about 1 month old and I saw the SOH decrease from 98% to 91%, what I have noticed is that the SOH drops when I charge it with the battery cold. Unfortunately now that it’s winter here there is no other option for me, as I cannot charge it at home and I can only charge it at a type 2 charger 22kw.
    Also I noticed that on the Climate screen it shows HV Bat conditioning mode – NoRequest, is the car capable of heating/cooling the battery?

  8. Hello everyone, we have a ZE50 and yesterday I used CanZE to read the SOH level. The year of construction is 2020/3 and we have driven 16,000 km. The SOH stands at 90.5%. This is too low and I will discuss with the master of the garage.

  9. I think ZE50 BMS data is completely faulted, misleading. 90.7% SoH, when difference in user/vehicle SoC % difference is reported as 1% diff. That does not make sense.
    Vehicle dashboard reported 99% after short 2km trip, app reported 96/97%.
    Keeping EV above 4C, charging from 20 to 100% complete charging cycle, did not change anything.

  10. is’s no good, OBDLink LX modules don’t work with CanZE v1.58 (2021-01-14). message ” [-E-ISOTP rx unexpected 1 st nibble of 1 st frame:NO DATA].
    ODBLink LX firmware V4.6.1 / product ID ELM327 v1.3a / ID Firmware STN1155 v 4.6.1 / ID Matériel ODBLink LX BT r1.2 / protocol ISO 15765-4 CAN (29 bit ID, 500 Kbaud)

  11. Another update on my Zoe (ZE40 R90) originally purchased by previous owner on 2017/02 (I bought it 2019/11).
    Currently it has around 31 000 km, while SOH went down to 95% some 2-3 months ago, which is a bit dissapointing when I see that older model (22kW) have SOH still on same high level after that many years in use (8 years for some of you listed in table).
    Btw, when I recently left my Zoe in official workshop for regular yearly service, I asked them to check if SW is on latest level on various ECU/ECM and to update it if it is not.
    Request was instantly refused. According to info I got, SW update is done only if there is official request comming from Renault or if there is some major fault with the car.
    I must admit that I’m not impressed by Renault after-sale service at all.

  12. My R240 22kWh, purchased 06.2015, has a SOH at 95%, measured today 12.02.21. 133 000 km. Charged 6-7 times a week, mostly on a 3.6 kW charger in an open garage, but also about several times a week on 22 kW chargers, especially during the winter months.

  13. What does Real state of charge mean? Where do you get this data? Or is it a calculated value?

  14. My ZOE 50 was on update. SOH is fixed from 89 to 99 % (about 5 kWh more of juice and a range too). And energy consumption feature on EasyConnect screen is enabled.

    Since my last post here, preconditioning/heating is sorted too.

  15. What screen size do you have, 7′ or 9′ ?
    The guys at renault told me that only the 9′ version of the car has the hardware needed to be able to show the energy consumption screen

      • I questioned them about that screen and this is the reply i got, that because my car has the 7′ screen there is also some hardware parts missing that is needed for that. Don’t really understand what that would be, as canze ca show the consumption of the ac/heat pump, but who knows

  16. Limpan4all 2019.09 95% 2021.03 6-7 11 open 710 Zoe R110

    Or in plain language: Zoe ZE40 2019 R110 Intens SoH 95% 11kW charging mostly, from SoC 40 to 100% almost daily, 71000 km driven since september 2019, charging open/outside from -26C to +30C.
    I love CanZe, thank you very much for all work.

  17. my R240 from 03/2016, i bought it in 03/2017 with 72% SoH, in 2018 i had 85% and this week i had 76%, strangely i can always do 150km in winter and 220km in summer, i did every week 320km round trip for 2017, it stays 0km in winter at arrival, in Summer it stays between 20 to 50 km

  18. I have a R90 2016, bought in 02/2019, have no idea what SoH it had then, it had 8000km at that time and since then I have been driving it for 65000km, mostly 22kw charge at the first year, and for the last year more of 3,7kw at work and 22kw a couple of times a week. SoH is today 92% I try to only charge it to around 75-80% daily and 100 only for long trips (230km) which I do two times every week.

  19. My Q210 is from 11/2014 – I purchased it 3 years ago with 25k km and SOH was around 86%. After firmware update SOH went back to 98% and is still there after 3 years and 75k km total. We charge on the parking lot behind our apartment building with original granny charger (2.5-2.6kW from the grid) and usually charge below 80%. Same for 22kW or fast charge – always trying to stop it on time and not overcharge. I also installed switch into Type2 plug which selects 16/32A charging (by changing CP resistance), so we can choose to charge slower on 22kW charger if desired.

    Car has 2000 partial and 450 full charges – of those, only 20-30 was done by us.

  20. 2019.06 96% 2021.06 1-2 7 open 28 Zoe(40) R110

    Zoe ZE40 R110 “limited”
    Charged outdoors, 7kw. 7-8 “long distance” > 1000km trips that used the rapid charging
    Delivered late may 2019, I check health every week or two. Battery health dropped to

    99% @ 7234 on 03/01/2020
    98% @ 12940 on 15/06/2020
    97% @ 18723 on 26/09/2020
    96% @ 28624 on 22/06/2021

    Currently at 28960km, 1-2 charges per week, the drop to 96% SOH has motivated a move to scheduled charging for 2h30 as opposed to filling it up entirely in order to avoid fully charging.
    Total of 4955 kw used with 132 full and 344 partial charges

  21. Jin Feng Goh, 2021.03, 98, 2021.12, 1-2, 6-43, open, 012, Zoé (Z50 R110)
    Total 1432 kWh used, 8 full and 108 partial charges.
    Can I recommend that the battery health is also shown in the charge history page, this way we get all the information we need in one screenshot. 🙂

    • Thank you. Good suggestion but unfortunately the car doesn’t remember the SOH in it’s charge history; the history comes from the car, it’s not stored in the application, which is impossible anyway as you may or may not be connected when charging.

      • Ah, I thought it was just a matter of displaying the field in the screen. Thanks for explaining!

  22. Here’s another entry line for the table
    Geo 2022.01 93.2 2022.03 2 2 open 15 Zoe (ZE50 R135)
    Can the data be made available as a CSV download so that some data analysis can be done on it?

  23. Greetings. Owner of 2018 ZOE R90 ZE40 here. I bought it the end of the March 2022. Odometer and diagnostics report same: 10 000 kms and a 93% SoH. However, the SoH seems very low to me for that kind of mileage. As I know, there is no BMS update for the ZE40. Strange thing is that battery percentage on the dashboard and the user SoC are showing different data. For example, when I charge it, percentage on the dash is 83% and the CANZE reports 80% of user available SoC. When the car reaches 99% on the dash, it stays on 99% for maybe an hour. I’ve discharged it one time to –km on the GOM, plugged the CANZE and it reported that I have 0.5kw available power. CANZE also reported that energy to full battery is 39.1kwh, which makes total usable capacity of 39.6kwh. In my calculations 39.6kwh is more than 93% SoH. My question is how can I recalibrate the battery and will the SoH go up after that?

    • As i heard, even aan unused car battery loses 2% capacity/year. Furthermore, the soh calculation is not just the remaining capacity.
      My r110 from 2018 has simular soh.
      Happy driving!

  24. I have had a Zoe 22kw from 2012 – 104k km
    I ran diagnostics with CanZE and surprisingly Soh = 98%
    I find this difficult to believe as I went for service at Renault and told me SoH was at 82% last year
    Any idea what could be the issue ?

    • If the BMS/battery firmware was updated after reading SoH at Renault – that could explain.
      My old Zoe arrived with 25k km, old firmware and SoH 86% – after firmware update it jumped to 98% and stayed like that until +80k km when it was totaled.

    • Same here, although I have the problem, that the dealer just tells me the same SOH as the BMS. My own calculations show me a SOH of about 75%, but the BMS shows about 90%, which is completely ridiculous. It seems, that sometimes the BMS produces incorrect values. Problem I see here is, that Renault might want to reject battery replacement, since it is a rented battery.

  25. Zoe Q210 purchased at 2013.10. Battery measured: 94%. date: 2023.09.20. Charges per week: 2-3. Charging power: 9-22 kW. Charging place. Open & garage. Km: 239000

  26. Yes, I am also are concerned about my SOH whos value, today is 72%, down from about 75% when I got my hands on a used 2012 Kangoo ZE here in Sweden last year.
    (Kangoo ZE has a similar system design to ZOE but have no details on it’s differences)
    Distance since 75% is about 20 000 km and total ODE is today 100 000 km
    I assume SOH is delivered from the original 22 kWh battery?
    (Don’t know how to check that up)

    I believe previous owners didn’t respect the load meters red zone either, a possible reason for unwanted and premature degradation?
    Is for the moement cosidering a test switching to a another battery pack from a 2014 kangoo ZE maxi if I manages to get my hands on it in a few days…at might be
    Also have thoughts about replacing all the 3.9 Volt cells occupying the pack with new ones but have not much knowledge about their chemistry.
    Adding more battery capacity, preferrably integated into the ZE CANBUS in an option worth cotemplating, right?
    Could be a safer LFP pack…
    Some piggyback SW/HW for that is of course neeeded and I see two strategies to make that happen, with or without the conscent of the existing system…

    Looking forward to a interesting dialogue with the CanZE team about the above and other issues concerning the Renault Z.E. concept and it’s quirks…

    Retired SW/HW engineer with 22 years @ FOI, the Swedish Defence Reseach Agency located in Linköping, Sweden!