Team “IOS”

CanZE was ported to ISO by Frédéric Richard. It is available in the App store.

CanZE for iOS uses a WiFi dongle, as the connection with a classic Bluetooth dongle is not possible under iSO.

8 comments on “Team “IOS”
  1. Bob Fisch says:

    What ELM version is the dongle?

  2. sirdir says:

    I bought a bluetooth LE dongle so I can use CanZE on the iPhone while being connected to the wifi. Still I can’t upload test results for SOH, it always gives me the same message as before (server cannot be reached, check information on configuration screen how to do this). Can’t find any information there on how to do this 😉

  3. Adrien says:

    Hello thank you for this great app. Could you tell me if I can use it to read some informations about the 12v battery ? Couldn’t find it… Thank you !

  4. Quide says:

    Besides the missing Bluetooth interface, does this iOS version also misses something else?