Team “IOS”

CanZE was ported to ISO by Frédéric Richard. It is available in the App store.

CanZE for iOS uses a WiFi dongle, as the connection with a classic Bluetooth dongle is not possible under iSO.

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  1. MineCooky says:

    Sounds great, in this case I don’t have to get a android device. to read out my parents Zoe. How far is the app? If you need more people for thesting the app, I could help out. Got a spare iOS device and a Zoe. 🙂

  2. langlois says:

    also interested in testing the iOS app, I bought recently a second hand ZOE R240, and allready have an iPad device; where is it possible to get the WIFI dongle.??
    Michel (in France)

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Dear Michel. Your best bet is to search on eBay for a KONNWEI KW902. Look in the hardware page for more info on that. Please note that iOS development is a completely different project managed by another programmer (See Q&A). If you want to play it safe for now, get a cheap Android tablet with Bluetooth, a bloothooth KONNWEI and be on your merry way. If you insist on using iOS, the team here cannot help you. Also be aware that iOS does not allow BT connection, so you need to buy a WiFi KONNWEI dongle.

  3. Achim K says:

    Unfortunately I cannot connect CANZE on IOS with my Wifi-Dongle. I bought exactly the same Dongle as shown on the pictures in the installation manual (orange an blue sticker ELM327 with 5 LEDs). I connected the Wifi-Dongle with another software (OBDCCarDoctor with a BMW) and it worked). Does someone has a solution for this problem?
    Thank you,

  4. sirdir says:

    I bought a bluetooth LE dongle so I can use CanZE on the iPhone while being connected to the wifi. Still I can’t upload test results for SOH, it always gives me the same message as before (server cannot be reached, check information on configuration screen how to do this). Can’t find any information there on how to do this 😉

  5. Adrien says:

    Hello thank you for this great app. Could you tell me if I can use it to read some informations about the 12v battery ? Couldn’t find it… Thank you !

  6. Quide says:

    Besides the missing Bluetooth interface, does this iOS version also misses something else?

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