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New Android release (1.43)

Bug fixes only. Changelog can be found here.

Post vacation update

Things have been slow as vacation progressed. And of course now work is competing. But that doesn’t mean things have halted. A new release is in the making, though it mainly fixes language and edge case stability issues. No new

Quick 4-weekly statistics post

3.3% growth last month One ANR from a very old version. That doesn’t count 😉 Crashes about 1.5 per day, more than half of them caused by an uncatchable error related to Android 8.1

iOS release

Copied from the comments section…….. Hi everybody. A new beta was just released today. You can download this beta by following this link : WARNING : Version 4 of iOS CanZE need both WiFi and Cellular network. To allow device

Quick 4-weekly statistics post

Growth slowing down to 2.4% last month ANRs have gone to zero! Crashes have gone down further, but a nasty regression slipped in just a few days ago. Put here is a 180 days graph for your perusal. The problem

New release 1.37 is rolling out

Title says it all. The only thing you should notice is you can now transfer the app to SD memory. All other changes are technical fixes to further improve stability.

Sunsetting Fluence and Kangoo support, upping the ante for the Twizy

As much as we like to cover the full ZE spectrum of the Renault brand, the time has come to end support for the Fluence ZE and Kangoo ZE. We have no access to these cars, there are no developers

New release coming up

As you probably noticed, a lot of work is being done. We’re gearing up for a new release again. Added total kWh and charge counts in the (experimental) Charging history screen. Very useful if you are checking out a used

New release coming up

It’s only been an week, but we feel the need for some changes to be rolled out Fixed negative numbers in Trip (Driving) Much faster startup if you use the new, fast CanSee dongle Fixed an issue that mostly produced

New release coming up

The next release of CanZE for Android will be released in the next few hours. I won’t be bothering you with with the usual bug fixes and small improvements, major internal cleanup, nor with the polished up support for the