Month: September 2015

canze-icon-shadingIf you want to learn about your Renault ZOE electric vehicle, you’ve come to a good starting point. We will supply you with an app that displays driving stats and lots of interesting information about your car. All you need is a Bluetooth OBDII dongle or a super fast do-it-yourself build CanSee dongle, and an Android device. For a more detailed description of the app see the about or the screenshot page. There is a sister project for Apple iOS.

The app is available on Google Play store here.

The new weekly build contains a lot improvements regarding the communication with the ELM327 Bluetooth dongle and should run more stable during time.

Don’t hesitate to give any feedback 🙂

You can find the newly uploaded weekly build in the download section …

After having written a first draft of the Hardware page, I’ve managed to upload our first weekly build. Please check out the Download page …

Instructions on how to install the APK file will follow up very soon on the Android page.