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  1. Hello! I have installed the iOS app to use with my Zoe here in New Zealand. Understandably the app is in French and I can’t see an obvious way to switch to English. Is this possible at all? Thanks for any advice and no worries if not!

      • Hi Bob and thanks for your reply. Before I open a Github account open an issue there (I may need some guidance on where to do that within Github as i’m not a software developer so that’s new to me!), do you or anyone else know if it actually is an issue? I suspect it’s possible to switch it to English but I just can’t find the setting due to everything being written in French.

        C’est embarrassant que je ne parle pas français! (thanks Google translate)

  2. Hi everybody.

    I’m developing a new (v4) version of CanZE for IOS.

    I need Beta-Testers for the following cars :

    – Smart ED version 2017/2018
    – Twizy
    – Zoé Z.E. 40
    – Fluence
    – Kengoo

    If You own one of these cars, please send mail to ioscanze[at]icloud[dot]com with the following informations :

    – Name
    – Apple ID (needed to add You to Apple’s TestFlight program
    – Car / Version and all data you find useful to provide.


  3. Bonjour,

    J’ai un iPad, et j’acheté le OBD 2 Bluetooth sur Amazon.com ( grâce au lien de votre appli CanZE).
    Malheureusement, Il ne fonctionne pas, impossible de trouver avec mon iPad, le Bluetooth du dongle.
    J’ai retourner le paquet à Amazon.com usa.
    Sur votre appli, pour infos, pourriez-vous mettre le lien d’un ou du dongle wifi ?

  4. Advantage of BT LE dongles (e.g. iOBD2mini) over WiFi is that the iPhone maintains 3G/4G internet connection while using the OBD dongle. With a Wifi dongle, the iPhone tries to route all internet traffic through the dongle, which of course does not work.