An IOS version of CanZE is actually being developed by Frédéric Richard. It’s available on iTunes.

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  1. Martin says:

    That’s great news. Thank you Frédéric Richard

  2. Sascha says:

    Thank you Frédéric Richard

  3. Bernd says:

    I have a Zoe Q210 and I would like to connect my iphone7 with CanZE.
    Which dongle do I need? (CanZE shows the button “connect to WiFi dongle”.)
    Thanks a lot for your support and great efforts!
    kind regards from Ludwigsburg/Germany

  4. will there be a iOS version that would work with a BT Dongle? would be cool to know b4 I send the MaxiScan back!
    Thanx for the great work and
    greetings from Salzburg/Austria

    • Bob Fisch says:

      No. BT restriction in iOS.

      • Wolfgang says:

        I use a BT dongle in my Prius together with the App “EngineLink” on iOS. It seams the restrictions are released. Is there a chance that the App will support BT too?

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          I will forward this to the iOS developer

        • Frédéric RICHARD says:

          Hi, could You give us a link to Your dongle?

          Does any Bluetooth dongle work with iPhone?

          I think only Bluetooth LE are working with Apple products.

          Please give us any information You have about Bluetooth dongles and Apple products

          • Wolfgang says:

            Hi Frédéric,

            I bought this app and the LELink dongle they reference on their site:


            I bought that one:

            it works very well. And you are correct, it is Bluetooth LE.

          • Frédéric RICHARD says:

            I had a look at Bluetooth LE ODB2 dongles.

            Minimum price is about 45€ (including shipping costs) and maximum is about 100€

            Otherwise, wifi odb2 dongles are about 15€ – 25€

            I’ not sure people will want to by such dongles (Bluetooth LE) when WiFi are more cheaper and works almost fine with CanZE for iOS.

            If a generous donator want to offer an Bluetooth LE dongle, I will add this to CanZE for iOS (send mail to ioscanze[at]icloud[dot]com)

          • GM says:

            Advantage of BT LE dongles (e.g. iOBD2mini) over WiFi is that the iPhone maintains 3G/4G internet connection while using the OBD dongle. With a Wifi dongle, the iPhone tries to route all internet traffic through the dongle, which of course does not work.

          • Frédéric RICHARD says:

            Sorry, You’re wrong.

            Go to wifi settings, set tcp-ip params to manual.

            Just enter IP address and net mask. Let router blank.

            All trafic will use 3g/4g.

            Using wifi dongle is (in my mind) better because the way CanZE talk to the dongle is cleaner than using Bluetooth LE protocol.

            With wifi dongle, CanZE uses sockets. With Bluetooth le dongle, You can’t use serial communications. It works with services and characteristics and it’s not so easy to get data.

  5. Arnt Olav Dahl says:

    Hi find this in Wikipedia? So is it OK to by a pirate?

    The ELM327 is a PIC microcontroller that has been customized with ELM Electronics’ proprietary code that implements the testing protocols. When ELM Electronics sold version 1.0 of its ELM327, it did not enable the copy protection feature of the PIC microcontroller. Consequently, anyone could buy a genuine ELM327, and read ELM’s proprietary binary microcontroller code using a device programmer. With this microcode, pirates could trivially produce ELM327 clones by purchasing the same microcontroller chips directly from MicroChip and programming them with the copied microcode.[4][5] ELM327 clones were widely sold in devices claiming to contain an ELM327 device, and problems have been reported with the clones.[6] The problems reflect bugs that were present in ELM’s version 1.0 microcode; those making the clones may continue to sell the old version.
    Although these pirate clones may contain the ELM327 v1.0 code, they may falsely report the version number as the current version provided by the genuine ELM327, and in some cases report an as-yet non-existent version.[7] Released software versions for the ELM327 are 1.0, 1.3a, 1.4b and 2.1 only.[8] The actual function of these pirate clones is nonetheless limited to the function of the original ELM327 v1.0, with inherent deficiencies.
    Most of the clones are reporting ELM327 v1.5, despite the fact that Elm Electronics does not have a version 1.5.

    • Bob Fisch says:

      You are totally right about that and because of the fact that most cheap ELM327 copies report a higher version than the functionalities they offer, those dongles will not work with CanZE, lacking some required features.

  6. Arnt Olav Dahl says:

    Hi Bob and thank’s for a fast answer. So what should I by? They say v.1,5 but what is in? Do you have a good place to by it? I’m in Norway 🙂 Thanks for an answer.

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Try to get one of those describe on the ELM327 page:

      I did not do any research if they are hacked or copied or such a thing, but these are not those very cheap dongles sold in China. BTW, we are working on some self-made hardware solution, which is a lot faster than the ELM327 😉

  7. Arnt Olav Dahl says:

    OK thank’s a lot. I have order one for BT for an Android ( I by an used tablet) but happy to see that you made one CanZe for IOS that I’m more comfortable with 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

  8. Michael says:

    I cant get my canze on my iphone 7 plus to work.. “Connecting to wifi socket” wont dissapear..

    Im using:

    However i have ordered a kw902 wifi dongle..

    Any thoughts?

  9. says:

    I have bought a Wi-Fi Interface ELM327, a black one, with the orange/blue cover. It´s possible to connect the adapter in the
    WIFI Settings. It´s also possible to detect the interface in the CanZE app, but when I try to push the “Connect to WiFi dongle”
    button, after a few seconds I get an error message, “ATFCSH77B command problem”. Is it the wrong adapter?
    Will an update by the app-developer solve this problem?

    Thanks for answer.

  10. Frédéric RICHARD says:

    In CanZE for iOS, go to settings and check “debug log” is checked.
    Try to connect to Your dongle.
    Slide to main fragment and clic on “send feedback” button.

    With logs, I perhaps can say what’s going wrong.

  11. Dom78 says:

    Why is the Maxiscan KW902 nor working with the iOS Version of CANZE. I’ve tried it but it does’t found it.

  12. Stefan says:

    Hi, is there a data logging option like for Android on the Iphone App?

  13. Richard B says:

    Hello! I have installed the iOS app to use with my Zoe here in New Zealand. Understandably the app is in French and I can’t see an obvious way to switch to English. Is this possible at all? Thanks for any advice and no worries if not!

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Please op en an issue on GitHub.
      Hopefully the developper op the IOS app will see it 😉

      • Richard B says:

        Hi Bob and thanks for your reply. Before I open a Github account open an issue there (I may need some guidance on where to do that within Github as i’m not a software developer so that’s new to me!), do you or anyone else know if it actually is an issue? I suspect it’s possible to switch it to English but I just can’t find the setting due to everything being written in French.

        C’est embarrassant que je ne parle pas français! (thanks Google translate)

  14. Frédéric RICHARD says:

    Hi everybody.

    I’m developing a new (v4) version of CanZE for IOS.

    I need Beta-Testers for the following cars :

    – Smart ED version 2017/2018
    – Twizy
    – Zoé Z.E. 40
    – Fluence
    – Kengoo

    If You own one of these cars, please send mail to ioscanze[at]icloud[dot]com with the following informations :

    – Name
    – Apple ID (needed to add You to Apple’s TestFlight program
    – Car / Version and all data you find useful to provide.


    • Michael says:

      Hi Frédéric,

      are you still in charge with the development of the IOS version for CANZE ?
      Have send you an email to the a.m. adress a week ago but didn’t have an answer yet…

      I would like to help…

      Greetings from Osterholz-Scharmbeck / Germany

  15. Frederic says:


    J’ai un iPad, et j’acheté le OBD 2 Bluetooth sur ( grâce au lien de votre appli CanZE).
    Malheureusement, Il ne fonctionne pas, impossible de trouver avec mon iPad, le Bluetooth du dongle.
    J’ai retourner le paquet à usa.
    Sur votre appli, pour infos, pourriez-vous mettre le lien d’un ou du dongle wifi ?

  16. Max Haeussler says:

    Est-ce que vous allez mettre a jour Canze IOS a la nouvelle version? J’ai lu quelque part que la nouvelle version affiche les codes d’erreur des recharges et pour moi, ca serait tres tres interessant (ca ne charge pas chez moi, terre, terre/neutre, tension, disjoncteur et harmoniques ne sont pas les problemes)

  17. Thomas says:


    could you explain the following buttons/functions in the settings menu?
    – Background mode (on/off)?
    – Miles mode (on/off)?
    – Safe driving mode (on/off)?
    – Log Level ??

    Is it possible to save data and export it?


    • Bob Fisch says:

      – Should CanZE be active when running in background?
      – Should distance units be miles or not?
      – Should you being prevented from change the screen in CanZE (=safe driving!!) or not?
      – How much detailed to you want the log to be.

      • Thomas says:

        Thanks for response.
        I still do not understand the log…

        – which data is logged?
        – what is the difference of “Light”, Medium”, “High”, “All”?
        – Is it possible to export the logfiles/log-data?
        – What can I do with the logfiles/log-data?

  18. Thomas says:

    today I got my obd2 dongle (vgate icar 2) and tried a first run with my Zoe R110 (but I selected R90 in the Settings because there is no R110 available). Unfortunately I had a lot of strange behaviors and issues.

    – in the first 5 minutes, the consumption-graphs are working well. After that time, the plotted lines are starting to flick every second like the y-scale is chaning (but it doesnt change)
    – I set the log-Level to “4-All”, but, where are the logfiles now? I see only a button “delete log files”
    – The voltage heatmap does not show any values
    – The temperature heatmap shows only the values in the top line
    – The “moduls” Driving and Braking do not show any values even though the padels are pushed
    – Firmeware-versions are not shown of each Control Unit which is listed

    I havent tested every “modul”, but there are a lot of “open Points”. The Connection with the dongle works without any Problems.


    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Sounds like you are having a ZE40 model. The CANbus is so busy it overloads the dongle. While we are working on a fix for ELM dongles it will take months to implement. However, there are two solutions:
      – (interim): try again with the car “not started”. This usually works
      – (best): build the CanSee dongle. 😉

      • Thomas says:

        Yes I have ZE40. What do you mean with „try with car „not started““?
        Should I take „none“ in the list of available cars?

        • Jeroen Meijer says:

          I meant sit in the car and NOT press the Start button. No “READY” and gear indication in the dashboard. IN this mode there is less traffic on the CANbus

          • Thomas says:

            hmm ok…does not sound like that much fun. I wanted to see the values during driving. So I have to wait for some month until a fix is available 🙁 I am not able to build the CanSee dongle.

            Does this issue only exist with the iOS Version of the App or with the Android-Version as well?

          • Jeroen Meijer says:

            Both AFAIK. It’s the dongle that is the problem.

          • Bob Fisch says:

            I can send you a CanSee dongle, but it is actually only supported by the Android version I think …

          • Thomas says:

            Thank you, but I am using an iPhone 🙁

          • Frédéric RICHARD says:

            I’m working on CANSee implémentation too but I don’t have enough time yet.

            Debugging is not easy, MacBook on the car, need wifi network and CANSee network too…

            I hope I can work on CanZE nex weeks.

            I’ll post a link to a beta version soon.

          • Thomas says:

            an update of the iOS App would be the best solution 🙂

  19. Michael Heins says:

    Is Fred still in charge here for the IOS development ? Did not get any replies from him by E-Mail…

  20. Thomas says:

    Hi Bob Fisch,

    how much do you want for the CanSee dongle? Could you send it to Switzerland or Germany?


  21. Frédéric RICHARD says:

    Hi everybody.

    A new beta was just released today.

    You can download this beta by following this link :

    WARNING : Version 4 of iOS CanZE need both WiFi and Cellular network.

    To allow device connecting booth WiFi with dongle and Cellulat to CanZE Server, follow this tutorial :

    – Connect to the WiFi Dongle
    – Go to settings App
    – Go to WiFi settings
    – Select Dongle’s WiFi network
    – Tap the (i)
    – Note IP address and subnet mask
    – Switch from Automatic to Manual
    – Enter IP address and subnet mask
    – IMPORTANT, leave router blank
    – Validate

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