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TPMS IDs can now be read and written

In the next release, which we will try to push out really soon, the Tyres screen has been augmented with a section where you can read the IDs of your TPMS valves and write them back. So, if you have

Opening up the BCB (teaser alert)

Today I finally got some data from the BCB. I am not crying victory yet, but here are a few teasers. Screen-shots were taken close to the end of a charging session on my home single phase 16 amps charge-point.

Teaser: charging history

More to follow soon…….

Connected services – thoughts

No, we’re not talking about Renault Connected Services, we are talking about CanZE. Let me start straight off the bat with this: we always have been, and still are, extremely reluctant to add any sort of Internet based logging or

CanZE on iOS 2

More teasers. Frédéric is still working on quite a few screens, but as you can see there has been a lot of progress!  

Teaser for version 1.10

We will release a new version today. As usual, a lot of under-the-hood things, especially reducing the footprint of the application and small speed improvements. No major changes, but you can find a detailed change list here but these are

Teaser for version 1.09

We are very close to releasing 1.09, probably today, and we are pretty excited about it. We have revamped the consumption screen substantially and we really believe you will like it a lot, especially if driving economically is your thing.

Teaser for the weekly build 9

Not many visible changes this week. Small changes on the charging and driving screen based on user feedback. In the experimental section, we added s tyres screen for cars equiped with TPMS. If you happen to have this feature on

Teaser for the weekly build 8

You will not find many obvious changes this week’s release. We’ve taken a small step back from the rather crazy development cycle and the rest of our efforts have been focussed on fixing issues. It seems we’ve been pushing the

Teaser for the weekly build 7

Last weeks release was not very stable with respect to the Bluetooth connection. A lot has been done to improve that, but if you have still have problems, please switch on “log to sdcard” in the new setting screen, so