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CanZE was build and is maintained by Bob Fisch and Jeroen Meijer, based on the terrific research done by Alexandre Moleiro for the Fluence ZE. Later we incorporated a lot data that is provided by Cedric Paille’s fantastic ddt4all project.

Countless others continue to contribute with ideas, patches, graphics, language files and testing and we are profoundly grateful to them all.

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  1. Gerard Beer de says:

    Hello Adroid Team,

    I’m a Twizy driver. As this is a Renault product, would it be possible to use CanZe or is there a nother app I need?

  2. hello,
    we really need urgent assistance on the CANbus system of our Renault Kangoo ZE with hydrogen range extender.
    Of course we are willing to pay for it.

  3. Dragan Kujovic says:

    I have a Renault Fluence Z.E. and a bluetooth interface with newest original ELM327 chip v.2.2. CanZE Android application work but with warning that it probably will not work. Fluence ZE Spy application doesn’t work at all with warning message that interface is not v.1.4 or v.1.5.

    It will be nice if you make change in your applications that they are working with ELM327 v.1.4 and above.

    • Dragan Kujovic says:

      I have made small changes in both CanZE and Fluence ZE Spy applications to enable them to work with new ELM327 chip versions.

      Because I am new to github way of working, I only have pushed modified versions to the and to the without pull request. Because I have used last version of Android Studio, I have updated some libraries in those two projects.

      I have tested OBD2 hardware interfaces with all versions of the ELM327 chips (v.1.3 … v.2.2) on my Renault Fluence ZE and everything work OK. Both applications I have tested on the phone with Android 4.4.2 and on the phone with Android 8.0 and everything was OK.

      • Bob Fisch says:


        I took a look at your code, but did not find any special ELM test. What you basically did is add another case and change the strings. This may work for your dongle, but does not resolve the problem with those many dongles that are not compatible! The version indicated by the dongle is not reliable, so this is no real “fix” in my opinion …

        • Dragan Kujovic says:

          You are absolutely right – it is not fix at all. Real test must check for some commands that other versions of chips do not have. I have only tested both mentioned applications with an ORIGINAL ELM327 hardware in several versions of that hardware, and on two versions of Android. My point is that application must work with ALL newer ELM327 based hardware, because ELM chips are vertically compatible. Applications must not to be limited to a v.1.4 and v.1.5 chips (by the way v.1.5 is not ELM version at all).

          So, it will be nice if the programmers of CanZE and Fluence ZE Spy (because I am not a skilled programmer) are willing to add ELM chip test which will test presence of specific commands for each version of the ELM chip and not only the answer to ATZ command. List of ELM commands can be found on the ELM web site .

  4. iwi says:

    In experimental menu is BCB and Inter Phase Voltage. Why is showing only voltage 2-3 and 3-1

  5. Mac says:

    Hi guys, first of all thanks for what you do, I would like to understand why the screen tab concerning the firmware is different from your screenshots. I do not see the latest firmware available but only the current ones by clicking on every single line.

  6. HopS says:

    Helli, I have a Fluence and downloaded the Spy app. I also bought an Konwei kw902 but it does not connect with the app. The Konwei works fine with the torqueapp when i put it in my other car. What can be the solution for this?

  7. BB says:


    Please,tell me when Canze will working on Android Auto? For Renault Zoe 2017 i think not yet or my mistake?

  8. Yosef Solt says:

    Hi ! Like the CanZE Thanks !
    Want small help at add charge control, to able to stop charge if battery are already has say 85% capacity, my plan is to use the CANZE, and add a control screen to stop charging, in order to prevent the battery to get into 100% and improve battery life-time, the idea is to set a top limit (default say 85%), and if this limit crossed, a command to turn a WLAN switch say SONOFF (, into OFF , the WLAN switch will get the 220V from the power line of the power charge cable, then it will control the “control” line if the charge cable (charge cable include ~220V, “0”, Ground, 2 control-wires), if control are blocked charge are simply stoped….
    Benefit: if you live Up-hill, and use to drive daily “down”, then re-generation break is useful and save you breaks pads, and power,
    Li0Ion battery can live longer if charge was stoped at 80%…..
    All the best Yosi

    Wall Plug charge-side220V plug Car Plug
    ————————-~ 220V ——————————————————————————-
    ———————— 0V ————————————————————————————-
    ———————–~GROUND —————————————————————————–
    —–2 wire – control——————————-|WLAN-SWICH |———————————-
    | powered by 220V |

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      This is possible. You should wire the CP to the car to the center contact of your relay, the NO to the original connection point on the charger, and the NC contact to +12 volt in the charger through a 1K resistor. That will indicate to the car “I am here, but I can’t give you power now, please stay awake and wait for it”.

  9. michele says:

    bello boys…but for twizy?? canze is ready?

  10. Mike Bodner says:

    Calculate SoC out of the FRAME 0x42e:
    Hello Guys,
    first of all many thanks to all of you for the phantastic work.
    I have tried to calculate the SoC out of the CAN-Bus frame 0x42e (bit 0 to bit12, resolution 0,02, offset 0).
    My calculation doesn’t give the right result? I have tried some different things (little endian, big endian,…).
    I have checked the SoC with your App (via Android)…there i can get the raw value. If i calculate then the SoC by multipliying your raw value with 0,02 i get the right result.
    But if i try to get the raw value DIRECT from the CAN-Bus i fail.? I am not good enought in programming to find the solution in your source code. πŸ™
    I hope you can help me.
    Thanks a lot.

    p.s.: My project (just for fun): I want to receive an sms if my car is fully charged (so i need the SoC from the CAN-Bus). I know that there is a feature from renault ( i have it…but soon i have to pay for this).

    Sorry if i am wrong here for my queston πŸ™

  11. Mike Bodner says:

    I have forgotten to say that i have a ZOE Q90 (41kWh).

  12. Mike Bodner says:

    Hello Bob,
    thanks for your reply. You are right…this could work, but later on i want to get more information, so i want to decode also other frames…so i wanted to know if i don’t understand the explanation in your software in the right way. do i have to do more then take the relevant bits, convert it to dezimals, calc the offset and the resolution?
    thanks in advance for your help.

  13. Mike Bodner says:

    Thank you Bob.
    I’ll try to understand your method.
    greetings from austria πŸ™‚

  14. Simon H. says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place to comment but it seems that the forum, in general, are the ones with most information and knowledge what.

    I have brought a dongle from this site “” which seemed to be a good choice.
    But for my car, a Renault Zoe there does not seem to be a library to handle the CanBUS data. So I don’t get any car readings. Does anyone know where I can get this data so I can get some real readings from the car?

    Hope someone is able to help.

  15. cyberpov says:

    I have a WIFI dongle and an android phone.
    When it will be possible to use CanZE with a WIFI dongle on Android ?
    I need it on my ZE40 Q90.

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Sorry, this is not yet on the roadmap, so the answer is: when a developer willing to implement a WiFi adapter in the Android is is putting his fingers into the code.

  16. Night says:

    Hello CanZE Team.
    I just got the new Renault Clio to do some CAN analysies. Right now it looks like there is no mor direct accses to the CAN-Bus by the OBDII plug. Maybe I will get also the new ZOE in some weeks. Should i measure something for you?

  17. Markel says:

    Good morning CanZE Team,

    I am an android developer who is developing an app to get the speed of a Zoe R240 car. I am trying to connect my android mobile phone, and I have the Bluetooth connection up and running, but when I tried to connect using an user API (pires/obd-java-api) and sent OBDcommand Speed, I got this error:->
    Error running 01 0D, response: 1DCA03723480FE1DE703723490FE1DFB03723490FE1E0903723490FE1E0B03723490FE1DFD037234A0FE1DFD037234A0FE1DF8037234A0FE1DDF037234A0FE1DD3037234A0FE1DC3037234B0FE1DB5037234B0FE1DAC037234B0FE1DA0037234B0FE1D93037234B0FE1D83037234C0FE1D84037234C0FE1D7E037234C0FE1D68037234C0FE1D54037234C0FE1D3C037234D0FE1D23037234D0FE1D0E037234D0FE1CFA037234D0FE1CDE037234D0FE1CC7037234E0FE1CB4037234E0FE1CA3037234E0FE1C85037234E0FE1C6D037234F0FE1C5D037234F0FE1C51037234F0FE1C45037234F0FE1C2D037234F0FE1C1103723500FE1BFE03723500FE1BEA03723500FE1BDF03723500FE1BD503723500FE1BC203723510FE1BAC03723510FE1B9703723510FE1B7F03723510FE1B6F03723510FE1B6103723510FE1B4803723520FE1B2D03723520FE1B1603723520FE1AF803723520FE1AD803723520FE1AC303723530FE1AAD03723530FE1A9A03723530FE1A8303723530FE1A7403723530FE1A5603723540FESTOPPED

    I think the problem is the protocol of the OBD, and that’s why I am writting this question here. Could you help me or give me some advice? I am a bit stuck.
    Thank you very much,

  18. Markel says:

    First of all, thanks for the fastest answer ever!
    Could you tell me if I am taking the code from the right GIT? I’m using this one:, but I don’t get it. Could you guide me to find the correct files to check?

  19. Markel says:

    Hello again Canze team,
    First of all, thanks for the support you gave me the other day.
    I’ve tried to implement your code to get the speed of the vehicle, as we commented, but I have a problem when I send commands to the OBD, it doesΒ΄t work. The response of the OBD stays in loop (“searching”) and when it connects, I receive no data. I’ve sent this commands:
    ->ATZ (Performs device reset and returns ELM-USB identification )
    ->ATE0 (Set command disable)
    ->ATS0(selects n as current parameter number)
    ->ATH0(Set “display headers” parameter.)
    ->ATDPN(Returns currently used diagnostic protocol ()
    ->ATSP0(Set desired communication protocol. automatic)

    What do you think that could be the problem? As I said, I think is the commands that I’ve sent, but I’m not entirely sure. Any advices?
    Again, thank you very much.

  20. Markel says:

    Hi again Canze team,

    It works! The last day commands did the job. Thank you very much for the time you spend with this.
    Best regards.

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