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New release coming up

We have an exciting new release coming up in a few days. Next to the inevitable bug fixes, we have a few new features we think you will love. In the technical section, there is now a separate screen for

Post release activities

Things have not been quiet since the last release. In the development version, more languages have been added (German and Slovenian), thanks to several volunteers. Thank you! Also, a new release makes users go through a lot of screens and

Next release coming up

We are close to releasing the next version, probably next weekend as we test for silly errors this week. Features: Multi-language is now possible, and added languages (Dutch, French, and we think we’ll manage German too. Thank you all volunteers!)

CanZE on IOS

Frédéric is  working on an IOS version of CanZE. It will take some more time before a first very alpha version will be released. Until then, here some screenshots if the new app.

New type of graph?

Hi, what do you think of this new type of graph. Better (more readable) than the old one?      

Fast charging guidelines (for Zoe)

When time is money (both re. your own time as well as how the operator calculates the rates), the following guidelines will help you, especially in winter. The’re all fairly obvious: 1. Try to avoid fast-charging starting at a high

Our first review!

Econometer with multiple colors …

The different colors makes the graph more readable, don’t you think so? This new feature will be integrated into the next release …

CanZE with Arduino Due based interface

Here’s a little video I made (no good conditions I know), but it should be enough to show how fast the custom based interface is compared to the ELM327. Don’t forget: buying a ELM327 is cheaper and does not need

New type of graph

I have worked on a new type of time based plotter graph. Here’s a first screen shot.