How to help

Are you interested in helping the CanZE development? There is always things to do! At this moment we are specifically looking for:

  • Testing of course. Simply use CanZE and don’t hesitate to report issues. Instructions on how to report issues can be found here. We also encourage you to subscribe to the Open Beta on the Play store.
  • Developers interested in CanZE: it would help if your skill set includes some working experience with Android Studio, git(hub), Java and XML. You might want to hop over to the development WiKi to get started.

Other than that, we’re (usually!) open to suggestions, ranging from correcting spelling errors to styling improvements.

3 Comments on “How to help

    • Hi Gianni,

      That is a very kind offer. Before you commit to it, let me try to discourage you ;-). Today, we have 4740 devices where CanZE is installed. 159 of those have Italian as their native language setting, so you would be doing your hard work for 3% of the use base. Furthermore, others (and that includes me and Bob) will put no effort in integrating the language files. In a practical sense it means you’d have to use Android Studio and Git to maintain the language file. We can do no more than accept your Git pull request.

      Truth to be told, we have seen people make kind translations, but not being able to maintain or maintain it in a feasible, working way. If you feel this kind of commitment, we will happily take your git pulls (and drop it once you quit with a replacement πŸ˜‰ ), and will happily drop a message a week before a release that requires translations.

      If I put you off with the above, please don’t feel bad about it. We understand! Here is a thread in the issue tracker about it