Replaced charger

2 weeks ago my 2013 Q210 Zoe refused to charge anymore. At the beginning it was like only sometimes and worked again after a few tries, but rapidly this behavior change to “not at all”. So I tried what I was able to:

  • Let the car sleep for a while and try again.
  • Charge the 12V battery.

… but nothing worked out, so I ended up visiting the national dealer here in Luxembourg. Things over here are still a bit complicated because – for now 8 year already – we have one and only one person that is allowed to touch the high voltage parts of electric cars at Renault. This meant I had to wait 3 days before getting their verdict: the charger needs to be replaced!

After some fast calculations and the question about a new car or not, I ended up giving them my consent to replace the charger but with the condition that I want to get the old one back πŸ˜‰

You see right, they replaced the entire block, including the filter unit and the cable to the charge port with even the plug lock motor, although I am quite sure that only a very specific part is malfunctioning. Ohhh … you are right: having to pay 3700€, this was a quite expensive replacement, but at least my car now charges again. (I got a Twingo as replacement during 2 weeks … uhh … ahh … it’s a nice small car with which you can make a u-turn anywhere, but that’s the only positive thing a found about it …)

Some changes I have noticed:

  • The charging process starts a lot faster compared with the old charger. After connecting the cable, the “ongoing checks” takes only about 2-3 seconds, which is about 10 times faster than before.
  • The buzzing during the charge process is not as loud.
  • Although my battery health dropped from 102% to 98% after the invention, the range at the end of charge is about 20km higher than before and I’ve noticed that the battery indicated do longer drop very fast on the first half. The magic 98% hints that the battery computer was reset and/or updated so it has to learn how to calculate a reasonably accurate range again.

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    • As it is quite heavy so it will for sure be not very cheap to send to Italy.
      Anyway, before giving it away, I want to take a look inside myself πŸ˜€

          • Hey I’m very interested what the reasen is for the failure. My ZOE MY2013 does sometimes refuse to charge too. Maybe your learnings can help to repair chargers like mine too instead of creating lots of trash and costs.

            Thank you for your work and if I can help as a electrical Ing. pleas let me know.

      • OBC shipping from Luxembourg to Italy costs about 29 euros by courier. at your complete disposal.

      • Hello Bob,

        I have the same issue with my ZOE, march 2013, engine Q210.
        Impossible to charge anymore, with one or three phases.

        DTC error: DTC066864 (P06864)
        Earth current sensor
        signal plausibility failure

        I’ve tried three different chargers, which normally have worked for 8 years.

        I have the possibilty to buy a second hand BCB, but I want to be sure that it is not VIN protected.

        Have you any information about the VIN protection?
        Do you know some independent garage which accept to repair electric vehicule in Benelux?
        Have you succeeded to repair your BCB block?

        Thanks for your help,


  1. I had a similar issue on my 2015 Q210 a few months ago. No way I was paying €4K to replace the entire block when the garage couldn’t even say what was wrong. I got an independent garage to investigate and replace the specific part which was a filter – for much less. I ran around in circles with Renault for some time on it and they finally admitted they won’t allow their dealers (at least here in Ireland) to open the block – must replace the entire unit only. I just find it crazy and illogical.