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Cubot J3?

In the last 14 days almost 50% of all crashes came from one single user on Android 8.1 and Cubot J3 hardware. If you are that user, could you please leave a reply? We’d love to figure out what’s going

Crashes on Android 8.1

We receive crash reports on an issue specific for Android 8.1. If you are using CanZE on an Android 8.1 device and experience crashes, please contact us by commenting here or appending on the open issue Please provide as

User input and help

At this moment two rather serious discussions are going on in the issues section for CanZE to which I’d like to draw your attention and invite to participate. First is the multi-language functionality. We, the current developers decided we are

Consumption graph

Let me drop you the link to our survey about the consumption graph. Please share your opinion! Consumption graph

Battery Health Status Analyses …

Who’s good in analysing statistics? We got some input so the table on the Battery Health Status grew up lacks still some interpretation…