As Google changed how permissions work in their apps, CanZE had to be updated in order to continue to work on more recent devices. This is why where has been a bunch of releases yesterday and one more this morning.

Symptoms are that the app crashes as soon as the settings page is being opened.

This is because actually CanZE needs the permission to view nearby devices, which a BT dongle is quite obviously 😉

If you want to help, please share any detail about this problem on the following issue:

Remember this post? Well today SpeakEV user StinkyPete posted a detailed sequence of events how to trigger it and what firmware version has it fixed. I will repeat here only his short version.

  • Set the car to pre-condition at a specific time (requiring the car to be plugged in)
  • Allow the pre-condition cycle to fully complete
  • Sometime later, use the key fob to initiate a pre-condition
  • Firmware version of the CLIMA system: 0803 or lower, figured by user Tooney

In this post a general description of the heating system.