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Are you interested in helping the CanZE development? There is always things to do! At this moment we are specifically looking for:

  • We are in urgent need of a Spanish language maintainer. We have no choice to drop the language if no maintainers are found.
  • Testing of course. Simply use CanZE and don’t hesitate to report issues. Instructions on how to report issues can be found here.
  • Developers interested in CanZE: it would help if your skill set includes some working experience with Android Studio, git(hub), Java and XML. You might want to hop over to the development WiKi to get started.

Other than that, we’re (usually!) open to suggestions, ranging from correcting spelling errors to styling improvements.

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  1. Thomas Lambert says:

    this week i bought a Medion Lifetab P8213 (MD99612) at Aldi-Nord. So far i can see it works with CanZE Version 1.08 without problems. I’m using the KW902 dongle.
    The tyre-pressure was 3499 at all 4 tyres, but the car was standing and not started while checking it.
    Battery voltage looks well, SOH is 105 (the ZOE is 1 month old, only 1100 km yet).
    Thank you for your work on this software, is’s great.


    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the heads up and the report.

      3499 means “unavailable” and should have been displayed as a dash (-). That is fixed in the next release. You need to drive a bit to activate the sensors in the tyres. I don’t know when the car “forgets” the last value seen.

  2. Luismi says:

    Good morning:
    I am currently developing an application in LabView to monitor the Renault ZOE and I wonder if the list of PIDs that were used to develop the application Canze available.
    Thank you very much and good luck with your project.

  3. Mark says:

    We build 40kWh new battery pack for Zoe.
    Are you APP will show parameters of new battery pack?

  4. seti says:

    suggestion: Energy-Counter

    Hello !

    maybe it will be a good thing to know how much energy is consumed on the past charging-session.
    It will be helpful, if you should have to pay for the energy at a normal CEE or Schuko plug. Not at a
    charging station rather at a private plug.

    A Energy-Counter ,integrated in the charge screen ,starting with charging-start and stopping with charging-end.
    And with a little delaytime to by-pass the short charge breaks at ZOE when heater or cooler is going on .

    thanks and greets seti

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      First thoughts only:

      Personally, I am not very enthusiastic about any application screen that would need to be connected and “on” all the time. To do what you are suggesting, that would be needed.

      BUT 😉 There might be two workarounds, though they would both operate at the DC level (so they would not include losses in the charger module):

      – you can actually use what is already there: The available energy in the advanced charging screen (through the technical menu) is what is in the battery. Just note what it is an the start and at the end of the session, and you have what you need.

      – I think there is a “Total kWh charged” counter in the LBC. I mean TOTAL total, over the lifetime of the battery. This would be a little bit better, as it won’t go down when driving off and consuming. Clicking on a button or line could display the difference between the actual and last stored value, and then immediately store the current value.

      Edit: I thought we had something like “Total kWh charged”, but we don’t, so I am afraid you’ll have to do with the first option.

  5. seti says:

    Thank you Jeroen for the explanation!

    maybe it were helpful to switch from the “Main” “Charging”-Screen by easy swipe to the “Technical” “Charging”-Screen ?

    Thanks and greets

  6. says:

    Is it possible that the software does only work with newer Kangoos?
    My on bithday was 2012 does not send any information.
    The software says that it found the odbII. I switcht to “37?” and Kangoo. And I get a “timeout” or a “Datapack not avilible”.


    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      To be quite honest, I don’t know. I know of only one Kangoo Z.E. driver who uses it and he seems to have reasonable (not great) results. The developers only have Zoe’s so it is very hard to test what’s wrong without a car out in the yard! W do try though. I will send the Kangoo driver an email asking if he could send you an email.

      ps: the html page return when you post is a wordpress or theme bug. Sorry, but the post does arrive.

  7. says:

    Some results?


  8. Jeroen Meijer says:

    Have you heard from the Kangoo driver? If not I will ask again. Please confirm your user name is an email address that you can be reached at.

  9. borut says:

    My konnwei kw902 just died on me today .
    Is new model kw903 ok for Zoe?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      We have no idea, and haven’t had any feedback yet. You can feel daring and try, and we’d of course be interested in the results, but if you want to play it safe, go with the 902.

  10. PEDRO miranda says:

    I have just bought the dongle Konnwey 902, but it does not connect to the Bluetooth….do I have to configure anything special before?

    It’s strange, because it connects immediately when another OBD app (one for combustion engines, I guess), and blue light blinks as crazy. However, when only canZE app is active, only the red light is on. I even uninstalled the OBD app, just in case… But still nothing.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Please read the Q&A, 8th item: pairing AND settings. If that doesn’t help, please come back with as much info as you can gather.

  11. Miranda says:

    That was it. The settings within the app. Sorry to be so obvious….
    It did not require anything at the ICE OBD app, and it communicated instantly when app was on…is I thought it was ok.

    As soon as I selected the KW902 option at the settings, it suddenly started communicating perfectly.

    Thank you. Now I have a lot to try, test and discover with your app.


  12. Wolfgang says:

    Feature Suggestions
    First: Thanks for this great app!

    Brake Screen:
    Display Power instead of Torque. Power=Torque*Speed. I think it would be more relevant. So applying the break pedal with speed=0 should have 0 reading (as there is no waste/wearout).

    Drive Screen (additional screen?):
    – Battery Temp
    – Power
    – Max Regen Power
    – Mechanical Brake Power
    – % SOC
    – (Speed)
    – (km)

    – Add possibiltity to select parameters for the logfile

  13. Wolfgang says:

    Please ignore the post above. I realized it should be in Github. Therefore I have created two issues there.

  14. Jeff says:

    Hi guys. I like the work you have done. I own a Twizy, so this does not work, sadly. Anything I can do to help to get this running with a Twizy? I have some programming experience, but not sure if it will suffice.

  15. Jacek says:

    Hello, will it work with Kangoo Z.E.?

  16. Gianni Pezzarini says:

    Are you interested in the Italian translation?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      Hi Gianni,

      That is a very kind offer. Before you commit to it, let me try to discourage you ;-). Today, we have 4740 devices where CanZE is installed. 159 of those have Italian as their native language setting, so you would be doing your hard work for 3% of the use base. Furthermore, others (and that includes me and Bob) will put no effort in integrating the language files. In a practical sense it means you’d have to use Android Studio and Git to maintain the language file. We can do no more than accept your Git pull request.

      Truth to be told, we have seen people make kind translations, but not being able to maintain or maintain it in a feasible, working way. If you feel this kind of commitment, we will happily take your git pulls (and drop it once you quit with a replacement 😉 ), and will happily drop a message a week before a release that requires translations.

      If I put you off with the above, please don’t feel bad about it. We understand! Here is a thread in the issue tracker about it

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