We strongly urge you to report bugs, issues and requests using the github issue system. You have to have a github account for that, but it offloads the team from an awful lot of administrative tasks, wasting valuable time that would better be spend on more productive work. You can report in English (preferred, and really, we don’t mind language errors, NONE of the team members are native speakers!), German, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Danish, as long as you don’t mind us answering in English, to keep things coordinated.

Any issue goes, even hardware related things. If we can’t fix them, at least we can be aware of them and mention them to other users:

Please always include:

  • the version info that can be found in the Settings screen;
  • the type of car (Zoe, Fluence Z.E., Kangoo Z.E.);
  • the type of dongle you’re using.
4 comments on “Issues
  1. Sy Roz says:

    Hey. Im trying to develop Android app working with ELM327 and I sow your code it’s pretty professional seems to me. Would you like to help me for a $… ?

  2. Arno says:

    Hi, I updated CanZE to the newest version in Googleplay (1.24 from 21.2.2017) and now I am not be able to check or clear DFCs… Plaes, I am on Lemnos in Greece and want to come back to Austria, but there is a DFC activ in my LBC and I must clear it to charge my ZOE for the next 1500km…. Or I stay here in Greece, also nice 🙂

  3. Jules says:

    This is probably a simple problem – I’ve connected the konnwei adaptor, connected to it but after about 5 seconds it just says timeout on (atma). What can i try to fix it? Thanks.

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