Author: Jeroen Meijer

When does ZOE “phone home”?

I’ve been busy recoding the interface between my home automation and ZE services as Renault changed their entire apps and API to “MY Renault”. That worked out with the kind help provided by James. All back on track again in

Quick 4-weekly statistics post

3.3% growth last month One ANR from a very old version. That doesn’t count 😉 Crashes about 1.5 per day, more than half of them caused by an uncatchable error related to Android 8.1

Thank you!

Thank you all for installing and running no less than 5000 CanZE instances on Android! A humbling number for a total amateur project.

iOS release

Copied from the comments section…….. Hi everybody. A new beta was just released today. You can download this beta by following this link : WARNING : Version 4 of iOS CanZE need both WiFi and Cellular network. To allow device

Cubot J3?

In the last 14 days almost 50% of all crashes came from one single user on Android 8.1 and Cubot J3 hardware. If you are that user, could you please leave a reply? We’d love to figure out what’s going

Some musings about the future

As mentioned a few times, the last few month lots of effort has gone into quality instead of features. And it has payed off. ANRs (App not responsive) and crashes levels are at or better than the average app. It

200.000 kms passed (not me)

Dutch Q210 driver “OlafH” just had his August 2014 ZOE pass 200.000 kilometers (about 125.000 miles). SOH 91%. Who would have thought.

Quick 4-weekly statistics post

Growth slowing down to 2.4% last month ANRs have gone to zero! Crashes have gone down further, but a nasty regression slipped in just a few days ago. Put here is a 180 days graph for your perusal. The problem

Crashes on Android 8.1

We receive crash reports on an issue specific for Android 8.1. If you are using CanZE on an Android 8.1 device and experience crashes, please contact us by commenting here or appending on the open issue Please provide as

Some more digging in the intestines (Q model)

Two very interesting videos about the inner workings. Even disassembly of a PEB. Many thanks Dutch forum user “Riesbak”