Jeroen Meijer

Proud and content owner of a Zoe since November 2013. IT-professional. Started digging into the CANbus in early 2015. Main motivation was smarter charging, for which I need to know the SOC of the car, to avoid feeding back lots of PV energy to the grid, which will be very uneconomical.

I have build my own energy monitoring and control, i.e. the car charger is only activated during reduced tariff, but I can overrule that with my phone or on the energy display in the hallway (an old phone). Also, most of the lights can be controlled through WiFi using Tasmota firmware and a controller based on NodeRED. Of course everything such as the PV inverter and the car charger and the rest of the house is monitored.

Working in an international team of open source minded volunteers is fun, and I am picking up Android  Studio skills along the way. In this project I did an awful lot of message analyzing. It is painstaking work, but rewarding. Also figured out how to finally make ELM’s work.

Next to the other team members,  I want to issue a big thank you Collin Kidder, who made the CANbus software (GVRET, due_can library and SavvyCan) without which I would still be in the dark.