Bob Fisch


I’m actually teaching applied informatics at the LAM and I do own a Zoé since May 2013. I think it was more or less the first one on the road here in Luxembourg as I was very impatient and phoned the garage nearly every day until they finally allowed me to get the car even before their official “common public launch”.

img_1606My primary goal why hacking into Zoé’s CAN bus was to read out the battery health and get the SOC while driving. I have to admit that the project grew quite fast and got a lot bigger then what I thought it to get, but all this is sooo interesting and I really appreciate the international cooperation with all the team members.

  • Unfortunately I had a crash in 2014 where my car got a new nose. 🙁
  • In November 2020 the compressor of the cooling / heating system needed to get replaced.
  • One year later my care refused to charged and I got a new charger installed.