Dongle test script

Connect the dongle, start the car and make a terminal connection with the dongle.

There is an automated testing process in the experimental section of CanZE, right now under the “Playground (Jeroen)” screen, but it will move up to production soon.

If you insist on trying by hand, install something like Bluetooth Terminal on your Android device, and connect to your paired ELM dongle.

Send atz first. For knockoffs, all answer will be lies, but ELM327 v2.1 is a worse lie than ELM327 v1.5.

Now send the following commands:

All should answer OK

Then try


If all answers are OK, that is good and go on. If not, forget it, don’t even try this dongle with CanZE. Now try


Something should come back starting with 06622006. If not, dismiss this dongle.


You should see a new line with data about every second or so. You can stop it by sending atar

If it works as expected, there’s a reasonably good chance the dongle will work for CanZE.


8 comments on “Dongle test script
  1. Fetz says:

    Hi, I just entered the AT commands for my 1.5 ELM Wifi, but after entering “03222006” I got the response: “No data”.

    I guess this is not a TWIZY issue, but a ELM-manufacturer issue, right?

  2. Jeroen Meijer says:

    You are trying this on a Twizy? That is a way different architecture (and we have no support whatever for it in CanZE; get me a Twizy and I promise I will do it 😉 ), and no, it is not the ELM. The commands you gave mean
    “get odometer from the motor controller”. The Twizy most probably does not have the EVC on address 7E4 so there is no reply.

    However, if you get no errors on the atcra699 and the atma commands, the dongle itself should be fine.

    Also note that CanZE (for Android) does not support WiFi, as Android will stop you cell network when it connects to WiFi.

    • Fetz says:

      Thanks for your quick response! I get no errors,but I also get no messages when setting ATMA. I ordered a bluetooth dongle recommended by you.

      To be honest, I don’t want to use CanZE, but use ELM to modify recuperation via CANopen SDO.

  3. ZoeDoktor says:

    Thanks for that wounderful sequenze.

    My green KW dongle, wich does not function with CanZE, responded fine on all commands on several runs.

    I will now reinstall my CanZE … perhaps that solves my problems

  4. Sayling Low says:

    by ‘make a terminal connection with the dongle’ do you mean make a telnet connection to the router address for the wi-fi connection? (I’m on a Mac and when I connect onto the Konwei Wifi my System Preferences network/wifi screen shows the router address as and my Mac is allocated On my version of macOS, the Terminal command no longer supports telnet so I am using Telnet Lite to open a session to a new host I have defined as but I get an error ‘Cannot connect to host’

    • Bob Fisch says:

      Yea & no, this means to simply open a terminal connection to the dongle and was meant for the BT-Dongle, that shows as COM-device.
      For a wifi-dongle, I have no idea about the protocol that is used to communicate, so I can’t say. Sorry 🙁

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      I think those dongles use port 35000. So yes telnet, but add the port. Not 100% sure though (I don’t have one)

      • Sayling Low says:

        Thanks Jeroen, using port 35000 at least now I get a connection and responses from the Konwei dongle. I need to configure this terminal emulator so that CR forces a LF otherwise my responses appear on the same line as my command, and the > terminal prompt overwrites the first character of the response!

        best wishes,

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