EVC (Electric Vehicle Computer): The EVC is the motor controller and is comparable with the Engine computer in a petrol car. Note that this box does not contain any power electronics, it is purely a “brain”. It also acts as a bridge between the main CANbus and the power train CANbus. Acronyms: SCH.

TCU (Telematics Control Unit): This is a GSM module sending mostly battery information to Renault. This module is connected to both the main CANbus and the Multi Media CANbus. Acronyms: None.

LBC and LBC2 (Lithium Battery Controller). This is a redundant computer located within the battery pack. It does not contain any power electronics, but it does monitor each individual cell and balances it slowly. These computers together are called the BMS (battery management system). Acronyms: None.

PEB (Power Electronics Block): This box, located on top of the motor, contains the power electronics that drive the three main coils of the motor. It also contains the DC/DC converter, which transforms 400 volt to the 12 volt bus. Acronyms: None.

BCB (Battery Connection Box) is in essence the charger. It contains the power electronics to charge the traction battery. It also feeds the rotor magnet in the motor and the PEB. It sits on top of the PEB and is the big metal box you see when opening the bonnet on a Q210/Q90 model. Acronyms: JBOX.

USM (Universal Safety Module) is the relay and fusebox under the hood. Acronyms: APC, UCM, UPC, UDP.

CLUSTER is the instrument panel. This module is connected to both the main CANbus and the Multi Media CANbus. Acronyms: BIC, GATEWAY, AFFICHEUR.

EPS is the Electric Power Steering. Acronyms: PAS.

AIBAG (Airbag) is the airbag controller, including the impact sensors. It is located under the hand brake handle. Acronyms: AIRBAG.

ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is a box controlling the friction brakes. It takes input from several sources and not only calculates and provides the friction braking to augment the regenerative motor braking, but also performs several stability functions, such as ABS, ASR, MSR, AYC, ESP, all functions to improve stability. Acronyms: ABS, BRAKE, ESP.

UBP (Uncoupled Brake Pedal) is a combination of the brake pedal, hydraulic booster and computer to control commanded braking. Acronyms: None.

BCM (Body Control Module) is a box that controls things like lights, locks, etcetera. This module is connected to both the main CANbus and the bus to the UPA. Acronyms: UCH.

CLIM is the Climate Control system. Acronyms: CLIMA, CLIMBOX.

UPA is the Park Assist system. Acronyms: None

AUTOS (R-LINK), RADIO (the tuner, acronym R1-08) and CENTRALSWITCH (the multi media joystick, acronym CSW) are computer systems too, connected to the Multi Media CANbus. Since the ELM devices are not wired to this network, there is no reference to these systems. Even the VSP (pedestrian horn) is a CANbus device on the power train CANbus, but it seems it cannot be addressed with diagnostics commands.