New 1.54

It’s past midnight as I write this. After a few evenings virtual-team-testing and virtual-team-debugging mostly dormant ELM issues that sprang to life while working on ZE50 support, we now have a limited, though “official” production release with ZE50 support.

Please report issues to GitHub as usual, while our virtual team will sink away in virtual booze 😉

4 Comments on “New 1.54

  1. After selecting ZE50 from dropdown control on the configuration page and leaving the page, ZE50 isn’t saved. When returning to the config page, the dropdown is resetted to Q210. If I try it with Q90, saving works. I am using the new 1.54 version on Android.

    • Totally overhauled settings screen coming up in the beta channel in a couple of days! AFAIK right now the problem is in showing the saved ZE50, but actually it is set and you should see some 8 character addresses in the the debug line instead of 3 character, a tell tale sign CanZE is using the ZE50 setting.

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