CanZE file location

Google has changed it’s storage model starting Android 10. Starting the next production release and also Beta1.53-3, we will be following their lead, which means log files, TPMS set files and the _Research.csv file will all be stored in Android > data > lu.fisch.canze > files now.

Note: We will not transfer old files to the new folder, so if you want to maintain your TPMS IDs, you need to do some copy-pasting yourself, or simply (re)type the IDs and hit Save.

The new storage model has a strange quirk that is relevant for the _Research.csv file only. On some, if not all phones, a file can be written through a copy, can be deleted, but not overwritten. Best practice at this moment is to maintain your file on your PC, and when needed on the device, delete the old file there, then paste the new version.

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