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Version 1.07 (2015.12.06)

Today’s release contains, among others, a few serious bugfixes. In the previous versions switching between the different screens filled up the field request list, which slowed down considerably the entire application. This has now been solved. Another feature that has

Release schedule change

With less new functions being added, a focus on getting things more stable and life beyond things CanZE requiring at least some attention, we are changing our release schedule. Today’s release will be the last mandatory Sunday release and we’ll

Version 1.06 (2015.11.29)

Version 1.06 (2015.11.29) is now online on Github and shortly in also available through the Google Play Store. We are still working on the compatibility issues with the Kangoo and even got a request to check the Twizy. So a

Version 1.05 (2015.11.22)

I should take notes about what changed since last week, but as I did not do that, I can’t tell you right now, but I’ll promise to do so next time 😉

Version 1.04 (2015.11.15)

Release Version 1.04 (2015.11.15) is ready and can now be downloaded from the Github releases page. As soon as Google has processed the updated publishing request, the new version should also be available in the Play Store. Having received some

Version 1.03 (2015.11.08)

So here we go with version 1.03 with all the changes announced yesterday. If you wonder that happened to version 1.02, this is easy: version 1.01 contained a nasty bug that we had to erase immediately and each update in

Version 1.01 (2015.11.01)

  The version on Google’s Play Store has been updated and published, but the repercussion of the update may need several hours to be spread across all servers. For the impatient once, please go the (old) manual way via the

… no further comments ;-)


Next Weekly Build

  The next weekly build is online. Check it out and discover what is new 😉

Next build

The next build is now online. With all the latest changes, I hope that it does not contain to much stupidities. I also want to point here to the new Battery Health Status page. Please take a look at it