New 1.53beta6

For those of you on the beta channel, you must have noticed the insane update speed. Things have been progressing at such a rate, it was useless to add blog entries. All ECU’s have now been added and you can play around with the firmware and alldata screens. Many regular fields have already been “ZE50-ified”, but there are still a lot to do. And there are a bunch that are simply not there anymore, so we might have to downscale a few things in CanZE for the ZE50, yet upscale others. Stay tuned, and if you are on the beta and running a ZE50, do contact the team on github to share!

Thank you for your patience, and a very well deserved thank you to the new, relentlessly hard working new team members.

Late PS: if you are running a cansee dongle, you need to update it again. There was another bug found & fixed.

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