ZE50 (Ph2) progress

Pushing ourselves alsong, we’re far from done but will release in the production channel soon, even if far from all fields working for the ZE50.

Unfortunately, things area bit bumpy wen using the already slow KONNWEI 902 dongle. As we need to keep the gateway open, we hardly see three functional requests per second coming through. We might be able to optimize that further in a later stage, but success is not a given there, and it’s irritating. So if you are an electronics tinkerer, building a cansee dongle is more advised than ever. If not, we’re also investigating if we can finally make a jump to a branded, better, cheap, more potent dongle, possibly even on BLE. This will take time of course.

5 Comments on “ZE50 (Ph2) progress

  1. I had many problems with KONNWEI 902 on Q210 and I needed to reset it many times.
    I bought a “vgate Nero Bluetooth3.0 iCar 2 Bluetooth, Schwarz/Schwarz” from Amazon https://amzn.to/3a7m9bl and it works perfectly. I never needed to reset it or reboot the smartphone.

    I advise you to try.

    • Thank you! One of the team members is actually ordering the 4.0 version to check out and also to tinker with possible BLE support

      • I am still failing to get any of my 3 CanSee builds working. LEDs are working fine now, but I can’t get any connection to the car. Bluetooth is working fine, and I see activity on CAN but no success on my Zoe 2020 R110 ZE 50. While Konnwei and Kungfuren (ELM327) work, but slow.

  2. bonjour j ai un konnwei 902 bt 30 imposible de le fair fonctonner sur la zoe 52klw que fair merci