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Teaser for the weekly build 6

This week we have above and under the hood developments for you. We’ve added two heat-maps, giving a quick overview of your battery temperatures and voltages. Those will give you immediate insight in the overall stability of your battery pack:

Teaser for the weekly build 5

We have some exciting news this week. CanZE is now available in the Google Play Store. Once installed that way, updates will come to you a tiny bit slower, but fully automated. We will maintain a weekly release schedule as

Teaser for the weekly build 4

The weekly build we have coming up for you is mostly one of serious un-cluttering. We have moved all  experimental and playground stuff out of the way and to a new screen. This can be accessed through the “three dots”

Teaser for the weekly build 3

We have exciting features in this weekly release. Most are a bit under the hood, but you will notice them anyway. ELM327 stability has improved a bit and it is a little bit faster too. As I mentioned last week,

Teaser for the weekly build 2

Behind the scenes a lot of things are happening, most of which are team members climbing up the steep Android development curve. Many have an IT background but have not done Android development or VCS through Git before. So, a

Teaser for the weekly build

An awful lot of work went into CanZE the last week. Here is some teasing info: A lot of work went into more stability on the ELM327 handling. We believe we have made serious progress here. Let us know your