Tires / TPMS revisited

It’s been almost a year since we rolled out TPMS ID writing in CanZE. To be honest, it has always been problematic. Time had come to either fix it for once and for all, or to put a bullet in it.

With a fresh idea from Frédéric Richard and fantastic testing effort from several people in the community (with a special heads up to Göran Nybom who did super detailed testing using his TPMS sensor programming tool) it has been totally overhauled. CanZE now uses a different writing method, fixed all the writing problems, does verity-after-write, checks if the car has TPMS at all and has 100% match between pressures and ID’s *) Oh and inconsistent language (tyres, tires) has been fixed to “tires”.

The latest code is already available in the Open Beta. It will go to production in a couple of days.

*) Remember, the car does not know the actual positions. It assumes the correct IDs are mounted on the correct wheel positions. If you notice a pressure problem but it is indicated in CanZE on a different wheel position, it’s simply a matter of reshuffling the sensor IDs.

5 Comments on “Tires / TPMS revisited

  1. Well done guys!!
    Thumbs up!

    I’m browsing for a winterset with TPMS sensors at the moment. This update comes at the right moment. Any idea wich brand of TPMS sensors are used by Renault? (Supported by Renault i should say.) I can find loads of programmable TPMS sensors with a wide range in Mhz too. I do not have a clue what would be the suitable sensor for the Zoe Q90 2017.

    • Thanks!
      No recommendations, but Göran Nybom wrote this in the TPMS issue tracker:
      Recommendations for winter tires:
      Buy winter tires with programmable sensors from your local tire shop, and let them clone your summer tires ID and none of the above have to be done 😉 Just swap tires on your own will hereafter.

  2. HI,
    I have recently connect My ZOE to CanZE thanks to KW902, and an Iphone… It runs OK… But I can not see the screen of tyres with pressures to modify… The revision of app I have is

  3. My mechanic swapped tyres winter-summer some days ago. But he forgot to change the TPM-IDs. So the CanZE readourt was: IDs of the winter-set (instead of them from the summer wheels), pressure: 0 (all four). So I’d suggest to add the hint : “Incorrect progammed TPM-IDs” in the ‘Tyres’ part of the User Guide for readout zeroes. [Android App 1.51]

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