TPMS IDs can now be read and written

In the next release, which we will try to push out really soon, the Tyres screen has been augmented with a section where you can read the IDs of your TPMS valves and write them back. So, if you have a second set of wheels with TPMS valves, simply make sure you know and remember the IDs of the valves, and can write them back in after a change.

At this moment we have no way to let the car reliable learn new valves with unknown IDs, so you need to visit the dealer once more to get to the IDs of your other set of valves, but from then on, you’re done. Also, if you happen to buy after market valves, check the packaging if there is a 6 hex digit ID printed. Might save you a dealer visit.

If you have TPMS, our advice is to read out the IDs as soon as the next release is out and store a screenshot somewhere.

Thanks bjaolsen for the information and Richard for letting me try this on your car.

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  1. Great news. Here in Sweden where everbybody use 2 set of tires this has been a real problem. When i changed to winter tires I had to visit my workshop 3 times before I got rid of the “check tire pressure sensors” warning.

    • hah, no, not to be too good to be true. At least I was able to modify, read modified, modify back, read modified back, then tested and worked. A nice bottle of whisky is appreciated πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Oh great, I’m glad, looks meaningful (thumbs up)
    I currently have a problem with the TMPS in the rear right tire. CanZE does not display a value. Now I swapped the rear right wheel for the front right wheel. Furthermore, no value is displayed in the back right! Does the Zoe have four individual receivers or a central receiver? I’m not clear now what is broken, the TMPS in one wheel or the receiver in the car?

    • As far as I know there is only one receiver. Sounds like your valves are failing. Maybe the batteries are shot πŸ™

    • The label “rear right wheel” or “left front wheel” is arbitrary and is assigned when you fill in the tire sensor ID number. Although there is only one sensor receiver, the four wheels with their sensor IDs are listed in the car software status. In difference to other cars, the ZOE software only supports 4 sensors, and not 4 for summer and 4 for winter tires. So, you have to assign the same numbers to the summer and the winter tires to avoid problems when you change the tires.
      I avoided the problems by choosing sensors which can be cloned. With those sensors, my summer tires have IDs copied from the winter tires and the car receiver does not notes any difference.

  3. I have swapped front and rear tires and now the tmps does not work
    I can read id codes in canze
    but cannot write them
    Can you help me?

    • Hardly, because the car doesn’t know which tyre is actually where: the car has ONE antenna and the tyres are hopefully set in a way that their ID matches their position, but if now, there is no way to know, or actually care. If you only swapped the wheels (as opposed to changing them to another set), there is no need to reprogram the car at all. In that scenario, I have no clue why the TPMS would not recognize your tyres, as all four are “close to the car”.

  4. Hi, I can read id codes and write them. But even after I write them canze doesn’t show preasure, always shows 0, even after driving. What can be wrong?

  5. So, can when changing to winter tires, how do I check if the new TPMS sensors I buy can be cloned?

  6. how do i enter the codes for the tyres? I have changed my car but kept my wheels so i need to tell the car the correct codes. CanZE is showing 00000 for all 4 wheels and the whole screen is greyed out so i cannot edit the codes.

    • If the screen is grey your new car does not have TPMS, or it is equiped with a system that does not work through pressure sensors but rotational differences.

      And even if you had TPMS, CanZE cannot query the IDs of new sensors, as you need special hardware to make sensors send their ID; no software can change that. You can only use this screen if you already know the IDs (from your previous car).

      • The new car is another Renault Zoe! I got my local Kwik-Fit to obtain the codes from the wheels using their TPMS reader, so all I need to know is how do I input these codes into CanZE to tell the car the new codes?

        • Ah OK. Well, if the screen stays grey, there are a few posibilities
          – there is no contact with the car at all -> check please if other screens show reasonable values and the bottom line (Debug) is changing all the time
          – As I indicated, the car not having TPMS (depends on age, TPMS became mandatory in November 2014), or rotational TPMS, which does not work with valve sensors. I have been told some ZOEs have that. Youo should not have a yellow spanner then.

          • I have a yellow spanner. car is telling me to check tyre sensors.
            Just been out to check, nothing is working. CanZE is showing Debug info in the bottom but each time it changes it says “Fail”
            I am using a Torque ELM327 bluetooth OBD device

          • Check your settings page, and use either a KONNWEI902 dongle or our do-it-yourself CANsee dongle. There is an entire page on this site about dongles and is your settings are god but nothing shows, it is the dongle. It really doesn’t matter if it works with Torque on and ICE, believe me, I have about 10 dongles here laying around. Only if you get something out of CanZE, you can expect it to work with TPMS.

            Edit: the good news is that your car most certainly has TPMS.

  7. Hi, I want to switch my summer wheels by my winter wheels with TPMS sensors (on a Renault Zoe).
    Before change, I read the TMPS IDs. I changed the wheels and when I read the TMPS sensors of my new wheels, CanZE display the same IDs than the summer wheels, and my car display a warning it’s not the IDs sensors records by the system.
    I want to write into the winter wheels the ID of my summer wheels, but i don’t know how I can do that with CanZE (read the winter ID and write into the summer ID)
    Anybody can help me?

    • Hello Mickael,

      Unfortunately, you need to know the IDs of your winter wheels. CanZE has no way to know, as you need hardware to trigger the change. The good news is though that once you have the winter tires leaned by the car (your fitter or dealer can do that), you also have the ID’s of the winter wheel set and can write either at will to the car.


  8. Thank you Jeroen. To be sure to understand you. At this time, my Zoe know the 4 ids of my Summer Wheels (eg S1/S2/S3/S4).
    I have also 4 unkown ids on my Winter Wheels (eg W1/W2/W3/W4).
    If i will see my Renault garage, they will write into the onboard computer the W1/W2/W3/W4. It will allow me to read this “winter IDs” with CanZE.
    I will can also write the Summer ID on my Winter ID, right? (W1=S1, W2=S2,…) But at the end of winter time, i will need to visit one more time Renault to record into the onboard computer, because they recognize only the Winter IDs (and I will be on the same situation than today, even if I put my summer wheels, i can’t change the IDs with CanZE if the wheels are not recognise by the car?) I need absolutly record into the Winter sensors the ids of summer sensors. Right?

    It will only for the 2022 Winter that i will have the 4 sames IDs for Winter & Summer wheels, and my onboard computeur will know the 4 summer ID (and i will use the same for my winter wheels)?

    Do you know another way to know the TPMS IDs on a wheel (without read the id directly on the sensors?). It will save 2 visits to my garage….

    • I don’t understand what you mean with “I will can also write the Summer ID on my Winter ID, right?”. I think you pulled S1-4 from your car already, save a print-screen and save in set A. Now get the winter tires fitted by the dealer, do the same and save in set B. Presto. You now have the ID’s in screen-print and memory. As long as the memory is unharmed: load the proper set (A or B), and write to the car, done.

  9. And, if you had taken programmable sensors (like I did), they can take the same IDs of the primary wheels done by the wheel service. Thus, from that point you will never have to change the IDs within the board software again.

    • Hi Jeroen, sorry i was in holidays;)
      If I understand you correctly, today I have in CanZE and in my onboard computer the 4 ids of my summer wheels. I can write it in the A memory.
      If I visit my car garage, with my winter wheels, i will have after my winter ID in CanZe and in my onboard computer. I will can record these IDs in the B memory in CanZE.
      Next Summer, i will mount again my summer wheels, and just start CanZE to read the memory A to load these IDs into my onboard computer. Right?
      Excuse me, i have some difficulties to understand how it works between the data read by CanZE and the real ID of my wheels and the id stored in my onboard computer πŸ˜€

      • That is exactly correct!

        Alternatively, as @brausesite writes, you can maybe buy programmable valves, in which you copy your original IDs. The car then never even realizes the tires were swapped.

        • Thank you. I will receive the programmable sensors next Monday. I will keep you inform πŸ™‚

        • Hi,

          Small feedback I has a lot of un-understanding … if it can be useful to others here! Tested and approved while switching summer / winter / summer tires over several days to validate that everything was OK (and would be OK at the end of winter: D)

          I hadn’t understood everything by reading all the exchanges so far.
          Already a priori, a TPMS sensor originally mounted on a Renault rim, it is not possible to change its serial number ID. Only a generic sensor will be able to be a record with a suitable device (around 200 €) and by inserting the sensor into the device (it only works if you have the sensor in your hand and it is not mounted on the rim!). Easiest solution … buy the said generic sensor already programmed with the number you need (I found some custom sensors on a German website)

          So for those like me who would like to have 2 summer / winter games without going through Renault each time:
          – either you do not have winter wheels, in this case you have to buy 4 sensors with the same IDs as your summer game (the IDs declared in the on-board computer can be read from the CanZE application and a BT dongle OBD II). You order your 4 sensors on the german website, you have them mounted on your rims and the Zoe will not differentiate between your summer tires and winter tires.
          – or you had, like me, winter wheels for which you do not know the identifiers, the former owner came to Renault twice a year to remove the sensor error message. Unfortunately, you have to go either to Renault so that they can record the “winter” IDs in the on-board computer (of course, remember to writhe the IDs read somewhere in CanZE before going to Renault), or you find a knowledge who has the device at 200 € cited above (the same one that allows to program an ID in the sensor), because it also allows to read the ID of a sensor already mounted on a rim. And so when changing tires, you just have to go twice a year to CanZE to modify the IDs of your wheels.

          A TPMS sensor has a lifespan (battery) of approximately 5-7 years. It is clear that they will break down, I will have them redone with the IDs of my winter wheels, so that I would only have 4 identical summer / winter IDs.

          Personally, I wrote the sensor numbers directly inside the rims in paint, it allows me to keep track of them, even if I end up losing the paper where I wrote down the IDs of my 2 sets πŸ˜‰

  10. Hi
    do i understand this correctly:
    it is the cars memory that you “program” with canZE. not the actual sensors inside the wheels. right?