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Quick update. Last week saw a huge 3.4% uptake of users, or more precisely, “devices that have been turned on in the last 30 days and have CanZE installed”. This is twice the usual uptake in a month! As a result, we’ve handily past 8.000 users. I have not taken the effort to investigate if there is a specific reason such as a review in a popular channel, but in any case: Thank you!

Allow me to also do a mild vent. Reviews on the Google Play are very often super positive which we of course appreciate a lot, but now and then somebody slips in a 1 point rating with a “It doesn’t work with my car” review. No details, and never a response to a reply (which we always do). I checked, and Google Play does a notification on the device if a reply by the developer is issued. It’s a very frustrating endeavor. So, if you ever run into an issue, please report it on github: we do take pride in ironing out kinks! Feel free though to direct praise to Google Play πŸ˜‰

Speaking of kinks: almost a full week with zero crashes now. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hello Jeroen, thank you for your great work on CanZE! I am one of the “newcomers” and have taken the first measurements. I am very satisfied with the evaluation – but I have to say that the KONNWEI KW902 influences the system of the car (Zoe ZE50). When the adapter is plugged in, it resets the trip meter etc. Since it cannot be ruled out that the connector influences other parameters, I would advise caution to use this connector with the ZOE ZE50. Regards – Klaus (aka: northcup)

    • As Bob said: we take very precise care NOT to write to the car, period, and advise caution on electrical bus termination (this is 99% sure not relevant for the ZE50). I would be very interested if you can come up with a “as simple as possible” scenario where this happens. Much appreciated.

  2. Hi, I experienced the same thing as Northcup and also thought that maybe it was due to the dongle (I have the plain ELM327 blue one) but I also had the problem when the dongle was not plugged in. So I am not convinced that we can blame the dongle or CanZE.
    I think it has more to do when Renault does some remote reset or updates.
    But who knows… πŸ˜‰

  3. Hello Folks,
    The error is reproducible. The following requirements to trigger the error:
    Konnwei plugged in and switched on – car switched on – CanZE app connected to Konnwei then -> Auto off in sleep mode. CanZE logs the 12 volt system continuously for> 10 minutes – Bluetooth connected. Unlock the car. Driving display first starts with the wrong style (?!) And the trip meter and average consumption are reset.
    When does the error disappear:
    Auto switch off – CanZE app closed and Auto switched on -> error screen still available then – switch off car – connector switched off and remains connected – car switched on – error disappeared. The display in the driving display is correct again. I hope that helps you. Regards – Klaus

  4. Zoe ZE40 R110 2019 SoH 95% 71000km driven since 2019.09.03
    I am currently on my second Konwai 902 dongle. The first sort of worked, but the range was making it almost useless. When I put my Samsung galaxy S9 in front of the normal speed instrument it lost connection to the Konwai dongle. Sometime I lost connection just by bring the phone away more then line-of-sight and 400mm.
    I tock a chance and purchased another identical Konwai 902. Now I can even be outside of the car with closed windows and connect to it. That is a huge improvement.

    I would like to have some sort of link to it when it is in the car (or another Android device (or some other device to link)) so that I could be inside at home and monitor the charging process.

    I did made a test last night “Energy to full” was exactly 20,0kWh then I plugged in the charger, when I did read the used energy from the charger (EaSee) at 100 SoC it was 25,36kWh consumed from the grid so about 20% losses during charging. 12A three phase and with battery temp at 10-12 degree C when charging started.

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