It’s just over 2 months ago that I reported 10.000 active devices with CanZE installed (Android stats only). We went over 11.000 on December 9th . 10% in just under 2 months, it doesn’t seem much, but a compound growth of 77% annually is nothing to sneeze at. I doubt we will reach that BTW; compared to December 2020 the real compound growth was 42%. Still great I would say. And that’s up from 29% the 12 months before that.

A big thank you to all users, new and existing, of CanZE!

7 Comments on “Growth

  1. Hello,
    my question is: are there any endevours made to make a Dacia Spring resp. Renault K-ZE mode for CanZE?
    Some readings incidently work but some esp.relating to the battery (12 modules, 72 cells, 260V, 27kWh) return no voltages or temperatures of course but NaN.
    There are allready “off label” users making YouTube videos clearly using CanZE for their Dacia Spring and would be thrilled if there was any chance of at least an unsupported experimental version for the Dacia Spring

  2. Some guys in the club allready have figured out that the main issue is that ZOE is based on 80 cells while Spring only has 71 so the “missing” 8 ghost cells have 0.0V and undefined temperature. This spols the calculation of lthe lowest call voltage etc. I’m afraid that I myself am not capable of modifying the code accordingly

  3. I’ve forked the original code and make all the required changes to support fully the Dacia Spring. After some cleanup, I will try to push the changes to original branch.