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The charge plug locking mechanism #3

See this post for the sometimes problematic cable locking mechanism. Today my 2013 Q210 ZOE was at the dealer for it’s 4 year maintenance. I arrived there a tad low on battery so I asked them if they could please

Battery retrofit part two

These picture Harm took for us “on request” and are all taken from under the car looking up with the cover screen and battery removed.          

Battery retrofit part one

Dutch ZOE driver and enthusiast Harm Otten was #3 in The Netherlands to have the battery of his Q210 upgraded to the ZE40 type. He was allowed to take pictures of the procedure done only yesterday and I want to

Trip computer reset

There are two ways to reset the trip part, which makes the car “forget” driving and battery behavior. Reset “light” is through R-Link. This will reset the range indicator (GOM) to a value proportionally¬† related to the capacity of the

Pictures of the PEC

This post is more for reference. In the R models there is no BCB and no PEB. These functions (power distribution, inverters, motor controller) are all integrated in one huge box called the PEC. Inside are several modules doing the

Check Electric System message

Zoe’s error messages to the driver are not always crystal clear. This one usually points to a failure in the 12 volt system. There are basically two reasons why the 12 volt system can be compromised (barring real faults somewhere

The charge plug locking mechanism revisited

See this post for details. Yesterday I was charging at a Fastned station to test out an issue with harmonics. That went fine. Fastned here is a provider doing only high power charging and only at stations along the highways.

Charging and cosphi

Dutch forum member, Q210 driver and multifuntion charger builder “fivari”, posted this table today, stating charging behavior of the Q210 on a single phase line under chargepoint power conditions. Measurements were done in this order, so charginging definately starts at

DTCs unraveled (teaser alert)

Truth to be told, the DTC READOUT screen never worked very well. Codes did not always appear and when they did, well, it was just codes. Not anymore in the next release! We’re adding the actual meaning of the Diagnostic

Climate computer loosing it’s mind?

I read quite a few complaints about the heater system. Not that it’s a bit underpowered, but really off, as in just blowing cold air when heat is requested. I am more or less trying to compile a list of