Still more BCB and Filter pictures

Thanks to SpeakEV user B9er we can present you even more pictures of a gutted Q model BCB and Filter. Contrary to my earlier thoughts, the neutral current sensor is in the black box. BTW, this part failed and he is looking for a second hand BCB or black box. Leave a comment here if you have one for sale for him please. And now for the eye candy…..

Coil, capacitor block, charger electronic block
More charger electronics block
It’s main board
Motor Neutral current sensor location
Power part
Current sensor board

The next two are from the filter module. One relay is the L3-N relay, the other bridges a pre-charge set of resistors. Remember this post? Yep, that’s it!

One of the two relays in the filter
Other side of the PCB, 4 big solder joints are the two relays; right one is pre-charge bridging the resistor bank

2 Comments on “Still more BCB and Filter pictures

  1. Hi, I own a Renault Zoe(25kw battery), 2015 modell and the battery wouldn’t charge. I bought it after it got hit by a lightning. I took out the motor and the battery charger. The car can be charged by pulling it by another car but if I would connect it to charger it’ll not charge. The charger does work with other cars. I think that the “input filter” is the problem. I can buy any parts if the car could be chargeable again. I hope you can give me an advice about what i should buy or do.

    Please answer me through my email. I can send you some pictures about the parts on email if you want.

    Thank you for your help!

  2. I’m not an expert, but I will start by checking Voltage. First point from the inlet of the car to the unit that transform AC to DC. I recommend protection gloves because you will be managing 400v