When does ZOE “phone home”?

I’ve been busy recoding the interface between my home automation and ZE services as Renault changed their entire apps and API to “MY Renault”. That worked out with the kind help provided by James. All back on track again in Node-RED.

While doing some research I ran into a post from one of the developers on the French forum. This was one of the things he mentioned that has always been “somewhat known”, but more precisely formulated now.

  • Start of charge
  • During charging, every 30 minutes (every 15min for Z.E. 40)
  • End of charge
  • Beginning of a journey
  • During the trip, every 30 minutes (every 15min for Z.E. 40) or every 5% of SOC (state of charge of the battery)
  • End of a trip
  • Before sleep (3 min after lockout) if the battery value has changed since the last message
  • Before sleep (3 min after lockout) if the car is not connected, a charge is programmed and the charge level is less than 100%
  • Low battery alert
  • Instant pre-conditioning set point.

2 Comments on “When does ZOE “phone home”?

  1. Interesting information. As far as I can tell we don’t always see all this (updated) information in My Renault (at least for the installation on my GS8). I don’t know if it’s unique to me or whether other users have experienced some difficulties with the new My Renault app? That is,some days the app works and sometimes like today, it doesn’t. I’d be interested to hear from CANZE users regards that.

  2. I was stuck with ‘stale’ data for about 26 hours. Car is parked at a charger @ airport, and phoned home as you describe, at 100% SoC (‘charging complete’ state).
    It never phoned home after, EVEN after I sent the ‘AC on’ command after about 10 hours.

    The way I accidentally got it to report just now, was by changing the Pre-Conditioning program (added one for tonight at my estimated ETA back at the airport).