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The Tire IDs (and pressures) are conveniently labeled Front Left, Front Right, etcetera, but the car has no separate receivers for the individual wheels. It just sees four values coming in and checks it. Enough for the warning light, but not for us users. We want to make sure the pressure is stated for the correct wheel, and the ID for the correct wheel is displayed.

We’re in a pickle a bit as we received a report that the Rear IDs in CanZE are swapped, while we have followed available documentation. As none of the developers have a TPMS equipped car, it’s impossible to experiment. So in case you are a “tire guy” with a TPMS equipped ZOE, please do some experiments and confirm (or deny) said report. Thanks!

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      • As discussed on the Q90 tester request page. I meant how to verify the physical sensor IDs. That is part of what you wanted to know, right? To test of the tyre assignment in the app for the corresponding pressure is not a difficult task. As you said, i could release some pressue from a rear and front tyre and follow the reading in the app to confirm (1). Unless that data is specifically linked to the physical sensor ID that would not ensure the correct ID is linked to the correct tyre (2). And thus only answer half your question.

        (It probably is, but it depends on how the sensor ID request is processed by the car. If its not linked to the value, it would explain why the car does not differentiate between individual wheels.).

        “pressure is stated for the correct wheel (1), and the ID for the correct wheel is displayed (2)”

        I will do the pressure release experiment.

        • Yes, half the answer. Under the hood, the pressures and IDs are taken from different fields in the body computer, and while in the documentation files the pressure fields are clearly labeled, the IDs are let’s say 99% clear.

          On the other hand, this was made mostly for people flipping summer and winter tires. As that swaps all 4, it’s “good enough”. -ish.

          • Ok. I havent had a good opportunity to verify the tyre position yet, i have been quite busy. (And as you probably know, the weather has been bad! 😉 ). I do suspect it is correct as i believe the rear left tyre has less pressure according to CanZE. I am fairly sure the mechanic mentioned something about it last month.

  1. This morning I did the pressure release test 4 times and can confirm that the app shows the pressure changes on each tyre immediately the car moves and in the correct positions.

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