I had my hands on a ZE50, but unfortunately no CLIP tool was available to “tap”. Things have definitely changed.

  • The SAE1962 (“OBD2”) connector has moved to the A pillar just in front of the handle to open the bonnet;
  • The MM CANbus has been removed from the connector;
  • The V CANbus has been replaced with what seems to be a diagnostic bus.
  • The exposed CANbus is completely silent. At this moment my conclusion is that the connector is now connected to a separate gateway (port). It does not relay the free frame chatter and needs to be “coaxed” into delving deeper into the car. To make that happen I need to have a session with a real, updated CLIP tool.

It seems we’re right on time finishing up the “Use ISOTP mode” setting, because I doubt free frames will be made available at all.

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    • If only I could try a new Z.E. 50 for at least one hour, I think it would be possible to identify each ecu and have a dump.

      I will try to do it next week.

      • I hope you can pull something out of her, but you probably need a true CLIP tool and spy on the traffic to find a way in 🙁

  1. Hi, this is Fred.

    Could you (Yo-There) send me a private mail ?

    I will reply with last ddt2000 database link.


  2. Hi @ all
    Today I got my hands on a ZE50 and I got acces to the CAN by pinning in a can-cable. I guess to get the Frames via the OBDII plug you need to autentify you as a official Renault logger. This is the case on many newer cars these days.

    • Are you saying you wired into the internal canbus? So not to the (possibly firewalled) OBD2 connector? If so, care to show more. We can open a private conversation if you prefer. Thanks.