New Android release (1.49)

As announced. Two major changes:

  • serious rewrite and testing of Tires screen
  • cleanup of Bluetooth connection UI: title changes gone, BT icon now on all screens

Further details the change log and in the commit messages.

We might move to staged rollout in the future, meaning only a small, random percentage would get a new release first to allow a potential massive issue to show up and be addressed before a full rollout. With active user approaching 6000, this level of professionalism is becoming mandatory. As is the Open Beta of course for the daring.

3 comments on “New Android release (1.49)
  1. minibiti says:

    I think you left the warning message about not writing to the TPMS

  2. WS Q90Pe says:

    CanZE worked very very well for 2 years till yesterday.
    I accidently updated to Version 1.49 Build 2019.11.30@12:36
    Now starting CanZE it starts “flickering” as it seems to be opend twice – the bluetooth-symbol is turning blue but the signs für connecting are not running. The blue BT-Led on ELM is lighted.
    Going to SETUP it turns off the BT-sign but suddenly starts BT and tells me the “ELM is ready”.
    Going back to Information screens BT is stopped. Tapping the BT-sign seems not to start BT.
    But suddenly BT starts and “ELM is ready” appears.

    Is there a Chance to get the old Version back?

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