New Android release (1.49)

As announced. Two major changes:

  • serious rewrite and testing of Tires screen
  • cleanup of Bluetooth connection UI: title changes gone, BT icon now on all screens

Further details the change log and in the commit messages.

We might move to staged rollout in the future, meaning only a small, random percentage would get a new release first to allow a potential massive issue to show up and be addressed before a full rollout. With active user approaching 6000, this level of professionalism is becoming mandatory. As is the Open Beta of course for the daring.

7 Comments on “New Android release (1.49)

  1. CanZE worked very very well for 2 years till yesterday.
    I accidently updated to Version 1.49 Build 2019.11.30@12:36
    Now starting CanZE it starts “flickering” as it seems to be opend twice – the bluetooth-symbol is turning blue but the signs für connecting are not running. The blue BT-Led on ELM is lighted.
    Going to SETUP it turns off the BT-sign but suddenly starts BT and tells me the “ELM is ready”.
    Going back to Information screens BT is stopped. Tapping the BT-sign seems not to start BT.
    But suddenly BT starts and “ELM is ready” appears.

    Is there a Chance to get the old Version back?

  2. I use CanZE with an old Android 4 tablet and it works with v1.44 (from Is there a particular reason it needs Android 5.0? I would like to use the most recent version however this is not available on and I would rather not build from source if possible. Is there any other way to get it? Thanks!

    • The reason we require Android 5 is because of dark mode. It is a horrendous effort to do that for Android 4, including “oh let’s not when it runs on Android 4”. I know it is hardly fair to say this, but a few months ago I spend exactly 100 euro’s on a low end 8082 Alcatel branded but 10.1″ screen tablet. It runs Android 8.1.0. Building from source post 1.44 will not work, read, you’d have to remove all code and layout elements that has to do with color styling but keep everything else. And more or less redo at every update. Is that worth the 100 euro? Alternatively (and the default behavior of the Android ecosystem) is that you will simply not receive any new updates.

      THis for more info

      • Thanks for your swift reply! I understand the decision, I am also a software developer 🙂 However from an ecological perspective (one reason I choose an EV), I prefer to keep using devices for as long as possible. The financial cost of phones/tablets etc is not an issue for me however I think it’s not very sustainable for everyone to be replacing their devices every year or two 🙁 Anyway thanks for the great app nonetheless!!

        • I am COMPLETELY with you, really. I harvest Li-Ion cells from broken phones and tablets, and my energy monitoring displays are, you guessed it, old phones. I don’t care about a screen crack on those. I honestly did check the stats. Android 5 came out almost 5 years ago (start of 2015); I wouldn’t dare to “force” users to replace after 2 years.

          Thanks for the heads up!