TPMS IDs can now be read and written

In the next release, which we will try to push out really soon, the Tyres screen has been augmented with a section where you can read the IDs of your TPMS valves and write them back. So, if you have a second set of wheels with TPMS valves, simply make sure you know and remember the IDs of the valves, and can write them back in after a change.

At this moment we have no way to let the car reliable learn new valves with unknown IDs, so you need to visit the dealer once more to get to the IDs of your other set of valves, but from then on, you’re done. Also, if you happen to buy after market valves, check the packaging if there is a 6 hex digit ID printed. Might save you a dealer visit.

If you have TPMS, our advice is to read out the IDs as soon as the next release is out and store a screenshot somewhere.

Thanks bjaolsen for the information and Richard for letting me try this on your car.

9 comments on “TPMS IDs can now be read and written
  1. Jonas says:

    Ahhh, fantastic!
    (Or is this to good to be true?!)

  2. Johan says:

    Wonderful !!!!

  3. Tobbe says:

    Great news. Here in Sweden where everbybody use 2 set of tires this has been a real problem. When i changed to winter tires I had to visit my workshop 3 times before I got rid of the “check tire pressure sensors” warning.

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      hah, no, not to be too good to be true. At least I was able to modify, read modified, modify back, read modified back, then tested and worked. A nice bottle of whisky is appreciated 😀 😀 😀

  4. Richard Bak says:

    And the tire pressure also shows after driving a bit.

  5. Albert Bino says:

    Oh great, I’m glad, looks meaningful (thumbs up)
    I currently have a problem with the TMPS in the rear right tire. CanZE does not display a value. Now I swapped the rear right wheel for the front right wheel. Furthermore, no value is displayed in the back right! Does the Zoe have four individual receivers or a central receiver? I’m not clear now what is broken, the TMPS in one wheel or the receiver in the car?

    • Jeroen Meijer says:

      As far as I know there is only one receiver. Sounds like your valves are failing. Maybe the batteries are shot 🙁

  6. Uffe says:

    I don’t get it working on an iPhone. Do I do something wrong or should it not work?

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