3 Comments on “New material arrived …

  1. Ooooh, you’ve gone on a shopping spree. And thing arrived pretty fast it seems. Cool.

    Seems you have the “wide” board like I have. It doesn’t fit between the posts in the case, so I sawed those out with a dremel and while developing, just close with an elastic band. Do you have a better idea, or better casings on order maybe?

    If we decide to make a PCB, I think we should make one that fits the case, but given the size of the ESP32 modules, that could prove to be quite a challenge!

    • I managed to only kick of a bit of the posts in the case so that it still can be screwed together. I will certainly make one using a feather board, which is not so wide or the wemos like board, which is wider but will fit between the posts. I’ll see …

      • Hehe, because I used the veroboard, making it a bit wider again, I had to get rid of all four. And then glued that veroboard in with a royal amount of hot-snot ๐Ÿ˜‰

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