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Dongle trouble #5

When I got home tonight the KONNWEI dongle I ordered on August the 29th had arrived directly from China. I ordered it here. Less than 9 euros. It had the proper 120 ohm resistance on the CANbus. Next, I opened

Dongle trouble #4: solution. Sort of

Short glossary: We have no ties with KONNWEI. Actually KONNWEI902s are knock offs of real ELM327 based hardware, but they have been the only consistently stable ones we have found. And we haven’t spotted “knockoffs of KONNWEI knockoffs”. Yet. It

Dongle trouble #3

Today I received an email stating that some KONNWEI’s are shipped with a 20 ohm resistor across the CANbus. This is a massive production fault. First of all, normal bus termination is 120 ohms, second, the dongle should not impose

Dongle trouble #2

A few days ago I tested that dongle I received and things were not looking good. Flow control commands are not accepted, and while I assured it is able to both send and receive data on the CANbus *) it

Dongle trouble ahead?

This is an intermediate post. I got a report from a user who ordered what seemed to be a bona fide KONNWEI, but had no success. That was slightly alarming, but one error could be anything. He send me the

Developers geek talk – part 2

Please skip if you are getting tired of this development talk 🙂 …… While I was debugging the WiFi interface today I was, of course still getting in and out, now and then resetting the dongle, making sure th car

Developers geek talk – part 1

This post is not about the ZOE, Fluence or Kangoo Z.E., but about what it takes developing something like CanZE. Imagine debugging this beast without a car systems emulator on your desk and no Bluetooth emulation in Android Studio. The

Resistors in charging cables

The AC charger cables have a resistor between protective earth (PE) and the proximity pin (PP) pin to indicate that the plug is inserted that the plug can therefore be locked (type 2 only) the gauge of the cable, and

CanZE spinoff in the spirit of Open Source Software

A (former?) Twizy and current Zoe driver in Austria called “AbRiNgOi” had a Twizplay laying around. This is an open source CANbus driven small display, based on Atmel micro controller. Anyone who has ever played with Arduinos knows what I

Firmware (finally) on Github

I finally got to the point to upload the firmware of my ArduinoDue and Teensy, but please be warned that it does not work the way I would like it to work!