CanSee duct-tape edition

Today I’ve been building two more CanSee dongles. As the case is slightly different than the one of my development build, the screws don’t fit, so I needed to tape the cases, but the dongles do work, despite of the tape ๐Ÿ˜‰

These two babies are definitely test builds, meaning that I experimented a lot on how to put the different elements together, putting them in the wrong order, placed them upside-down and all that kind of stuff that occurs while experimenting.

But they are operational ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyone interested in getting one?

Just be warned: I’m not a professional and doing this just for fun, so the risk is fully yours! Although I’ve tested them in my car (which did not blew up … uff) I give no warranty and will not be responsible of whatever you do with the dongle.

16 Comments on “CanSee duct-tape edition

  1. Hi Bob, I am happy to get one of experimental CanSee. Let me know how to pay for your job!

  2. Hi Bob,

    I’m also happy to be one of the experimenters. Let me know how much they are (since they are hand-built Rolls Royce editions!) to send through to Italy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great job and it’s wonderful to see so much development going into CanSee!

  3. Interested! 2013 Q210, Currently I’m also building a diogle based on the one on goingelectric… but awaiting parts from china…

    Based in Limburg(NL)

  4. Hi Bob, if still available, another tester here. My Zoe might be interesting or just a no go for you. It’s a 2013 Q210 with battery upgrade to 41kWh.

  5. Hallo from southern Spain, we are driving two differnt ZOE, R90 and an older 22kW version. Iยดm really interested in a faster CANsee module. possibly one of you more experienced are able to assemble one for my use.

  6. Hey, another zoe driver recommended me CanZE and I saw the post on the hardware page and I’m a bit insecure which dongle would be okay and what’s the problem with the listed one. Can you give me an update?

    • There are several problems:
      – The version of the ELM chip advertised is not the one that has been build into the product.
      – The version reported by the ELM chip has been faked.
      – The ELM chip is fake, regardless of the version an does not implement all needed commands.

      So if you buy a dongle, it may not work and you will need to buy another one :-/

      Seen the above mentioned problems and paired with the fact that the ELM chip is quite slow, we were building our CanSee dongle.

      • Okay, thanks! Will have a look, my hardware skills are not the best, but we’ll see. Maybe I just start to try with a cheap (working) adapter and switch later. Great Project!

      • Hi Bob and other developers,

        I’m also still interested in a duct-tape or any other edition. Or someone to help me build it, or to write a more detailed instruction foremost on the software side.

        I found the instructions on Github and might be able to solder one together. But i guess it has to be loaded with software someway and without instructions for a noob that part is way out of my league.

        Anyway i would like to say thanks for your work, i really love CANZE!

        • For the firmware:
          – Install ATOM editor
          – Add IO Platform plugin
          – clone the repository
          – open the project in ATOM editor ๐Ÿ˜‰