CanSee Case #3

The second print (blue) is finally usable, but I refined it to make it fit more neatly. The third print (orange) is the last one I did today and the components of my previous prototype fit perfectly.

The print may not look perfect, but hey, is quite a step above the “duck tape version”, isn’t it?

16 Comments on “CanSee Case #3

  1. I finished my dedicated Zoe plug today. It fits into the compartment under the mat. I’d like to provide some photos, let me know how.

  2. I just uploaded them on fcbk. Check your inbox…
    you don’t need to publish this relply.

    • Stefan, there is a small, very motivated team working on ZE50. If that is your motivation, maybe it’s an option to join

      Edit: never mind, I misread your question.

  3. Hi Jeroen, some days ago I have seen a wiring.png for the CanSee. Now the Link on GitLab is broken. Any chance to get the picture? Also the Link to transceiver.png is broken.

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