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In the upcoming release you can save and load two tire sets to phone storage. It was a deliberate choice not to store the sensor IDs in CanZE’s internal storage, because that disappears when uninstalling. The sets can be found as simple CSV files in the /CanZE/ folder on your phone. This addition should make it much easier to swap your winter and summer tires.

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  1. Hello Jeroen,
    Today i tested the tyre sensor positions as well. I inflated the fronr right and rear left tyre and the correct tyres were shown to be inflated in CanZE. However with my methodology i can not exclude diagonal pairs are swapped :P.

    Im also wondering, are the TMPS sensors more accurate or is the tyre pump inflator more accurate, the tyres report being underinflated by about 60 mbar initially 2.64 when i set the pump to 2.7 bar.

    Also interesting how drastically the driving behaviour of the zoe changes if you inflate from 2.45 to 2.65 (cold tyre sensor values).

    • Thanks Niels. We are by now 100% certain the positions are correct, though nothing will stop anyone to switch ID’s to different positions.

      I can’t be sure, but AFAIK the TPMS sensors are pretty precise and I am not too impressed by the general pump compressor.

      what do you mean with changed behavior? Tracking? Consumption?

      • Changed behaviour as in handling. Steering is much lighter, the car feels less sido-to-side wobbly but at the same time bumps in the road are much more noticeable. And indeed rolling resistance is a lot lower. I did not clearly notice a consumption difference on a 35 km drive using the “Guess-O-Meter” (But i havent analyzed the CanZE data i recorded just yet). I also noticed handling differences in my previous car when inflating the tyres, but the change in the zoe is much more obvious.

          • FYI Im running on the 195/55/ R16 91Q XL Michelin Energy EV tyres. It might be the original set the zoe was sold with, i am not sure. They probably will not last very much longer even though the profile depth is still okay. The sides of the front tyres are fairly worn so i have to keep an eye on that, maybe swap front-back sets during the next maintenance appointment.

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