GPS location possible in Research screen

Note: to understand how the Research screen in the Experimental section works, see this post.

It is now possible to log positional data together with the other logged data. This functionality is only available in the Research screen. To use it, you need to manually give CanZE location permission in the App settings of your phone, enable location, and finally add the following line to your /CanZE/_Research.csv file


Since GPS data are of course three numbers in one result, that result is presented in the log file as a string with the latitude, longitude and elevation separated with a /, for example


For the technically interested: this is a quite significant code change. Not only did we have to allow virtual fields in the Research screen, but also allow fields to be triggered externally. Normally, CanZE maintains a circular queue of fields it triggers to fetch from the car. In contrast, GPS events are triggered by Android itself, so instead of manipulating the queue and the process that handles that queue, now individual, virtual fields need to be enabled, started and stopped by screen starts, stops, pauses and resumes.

This feature is available in 1.50-beta3. I am pretty sure there are many kinks to iron out, so if you are interested, enroll in the Beta through the Play Store and put it to the test please.

2 Comments on “GPS location possible in Research screen

  1. I’d like test it, but I could not find Canze in google play previews. (the last tab in the main google play menu)

  2. For me: open Googe play store on your device
    Three lines menu
    My apps and Games
    Tab Installed
    Click CanZE
    Scroll down, there should be a “Join” option.

    I think what you are looking for is unreleased previews, which is something different.

    When logged in Google in the browser on your PC, might work too

    Here is more info on Beta

    In any case: happy Beta testing!

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