New release coming up

The next release of CanZE for Android will be released in the next few hours. I won’t be bothering you with with the usual bug fixes and small improvements, major internal cleanup, nor with the polished up support for the CanSee Dongle, about which we’ve teased you already so much. Though it is worth mentioning that using that dongle made a few things go so fast we had to tweak a few things to avoid the proverbial drinking from a hose. A few things are notable though.

Our friends in the UK will hopefully find our miles support vastly improved, especially in the consumption and driving screen.

After years of head scratching and lacking the means to find the issue, we can now finally get to the BCB and pry out all of it’s DTCs. As the BCB contains charging failure information, we’re really happy with this result. The issue was, as usual, completely trivial and implemented in maybe an hour so, but that’s always in hindsight.

We already announced TPMS. If you have a TPMS enabled car, get the IDs now before you have the tyres changed and then immediately again. The writing function is slightly under-tested with ELM dongles, so tread carefully. Feedback appreciated.

More is in the pipeline, which I think you will like.

4 Comments on “New release coming up

  1. Wow, first time I can see meaningful values on the voltage- and temperature-heatmaps (ZOE R90)
    Thanks for this update!

    • I am not sure if this answer is correct. If not I apologize. AFAIK Fred is pretty tied up in personal life at the moment. He is the only maintainer of the iOS version and I don’t think he visits here often. Your best bet to find out is contact him through a comment in the app store, or open an issue on using the @FredLeudon tag in your message.

      • I emailed him and got no reply. I’m looking for the “charge impossible” error codes and that’s only in the newest canze version so Android. I guess I can’t use CanZE with an Android emulator on my Laptop so I’ll try to borrow an Android phone. Thanks!

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