Dash camera

While looking for some stretched screen, I came up with one of these new dash camera devices (1280×400 pixels). OK, the camera in itself doesn’t really interest me, because I only want to use it to make CanZE run on it, which is actually quite easy to do.

The only thing on that device that I do not like at all, is that the USB connector seams to be used only for power, so I can’t use it as development device out of the box but need to compile and transfer the app package in order to be able to install and run CanZE. πŸ™

But at least the PlayStore is available out of the box and all underlying Android settings can be reached easily …

9 Comments on “Dash camera

  1. LOL, What’s that you got on your instrument board? Well not the device, that’s cool, but that blanket(?)
    I’m guessing you had the same issue with light reflections on the wind screen that made me not buy a Zoe. Horrible design choice, Renault.
    Love it, I would have gone for some non reflective paint, but of cause your solution is removable.

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