New release coming up

We have an exciting new release coming up in a few days. Next to the inevitable bug fixes, we have a few new features we think you will love.

  • In the technical section, there is now a separate screen for the 12 volt battery. You can monitor here the voltage of the battery over time. Maybe we need to add current later. We’re not entirely happy about the color coded status lines, indicating charging and car status, but it was a needed compromise at this moment to show the changes in time.
  • We have slightly modified the consumption screen. We removed the capacity in Ah from the upper graph and replaced it with the SOC percentage from the lower graph. In the lower graph, we added a gradient representing the difference between real distance traveled and the change in the range indicator. It starts in the middle and will go up (red) if the range indicator decreases more than the distance traveled, or down (green) if it decreases less. We believe it is much more useful because it indicates if your initial planning, whatever that was, is still on track. If you love the old version, it has moved to the experimental section. We might depreciate it later though.
  • There is an experimental option to make a raw dump of all the frames we use. We need both your help and this activity to check out reports we’re getting about weird values when CanZE is used on Q90 and R90 cars.

Stay tuned and feedback, as always, is much appreciated.

4 Comments on “New release coming up

  1. Can’t seem to get any readings on my Google Pixel, all connected via bluetooth fine but no data comes through. I’ve heard there are issues with other android phones. Any plans on checking and fixing this issue?

  2. After upgrading to V 1.27 Build 2018.01.11, Canze shows many error values and missing values. It hangs up and the connection to the elm is also difficult now. Battery volts and temperatures are completely wild. What happened? Have tried it on Zoe 240 and 400 and have a Lenovo with android 5.0.1

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