The charge plug locking mechanism #3

See this post for the sometimes problematic cable locking mechanism.

Today my 2013 Q210 ZOE was at the dealer for it’s 4 year maintenance. I arrived there a tad low on battery so I asked them if they could please hook it up once they were done with it. No problem of course. Just as I arrived to collect it, I saw the chief mechanic getting in (it was already hooked up), so I walked up to him first. He was a tad nervous and said he had updated the charger firmware and now he noticed it wasn’t charging. I walked around only to hear the somewhat familiar cam wheel “whee whee” noise from the locker mechanism, so I joked: “well, luckily my friend, I do know what is wrong. Hooked the thing up again and all was dandy, though now of course I had to wait a bit to make it home.

Chatting along he told me the locking motor was now a new part number and maybe I wanted to replace it (80-ish euro). I decided to go for it. I have had a few early terminated charge sessions, and like the inner flap hinge, sometimes Renault does not always acknowledge a warranty issue, but they do improve the design over time. I’ll report back on this.

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  1. Do you know what the revised part No is? I think ours is beginning to play up again after being replaced last year. We are beginning to get charges stopping before completion and the tell-tale repeated clicking from the lock motor if you try to restart. I’d be interested to have the new part No to see if we can persuade the dealership to replace ours with it.. Thanks

  2. Mike, I am very sorry that I missed your comment. In the end the mechanic forgot about it and we left it as it was. However, yesterday I was badly bitten and I had it replaced. The revised part number is 29.69.331.06R

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