More battery change pictures

This time made by car mechanic of one of Bochane Almere, a ZE dealer here, through forum user “hachy”. Thanks for letting us use them!

Battery in situ. note the HV cable connected


Lifting the battery from the packaging


Careful now
Lift with positioning tool
Measuring leakage between chassis and the 400 volt bus at the HV fuses for the Climate compressor


Chimney closeup. Center is air in, others air out
Underside, battery removed

Edit: and lots more, with video, here.


7 Comments on “More battery change pictures

  1. Hello
    My battery was changed in december 2017.(R240)
    In the first picture the GOM show 269 km, my GOM is only 156 km after reset(not peddal reset)
    I went back to dealer and he could not help me .
    The problem is wrong battery size hardcoded somewhere in the odometer computer.
    When the battery is fully charged the canZE shows 25.7 kWh awailable, where it should bearound 38.
    Where canZE get this information.
    I was looking for this data in dd4all but no luck.

    Thank you

      • what is the corresponding computer computer so that I can go to the dealer and ask him to look in that computer. If Harm could done it than I can do it too.
        The information in question is shown in canZE/charging/Available Energy kWh.

        Thank you

        • When the battery has been replaced with a ZE40, the LBCs (inside the battery, of course) and the EVC needs to be reprogrammed (for Arm went from 15/001/0203/0790 to 25/001/0204/0A70). The BCB was not reprogrammed.

          • From witch computer canZE gets information “availabe energy kWh” ? it is not from lbc because lbc came with battery and it should have correct information about capacity.
            Thank you

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