Dongle trouble #5

When I got home tonight the KONNWEI dongle I ordered on August the 29th had arrived directly from China.

I ordered it here. Less than 9 euros.

It had the proper 120 ohm resistance on the CANbus. Next, I opened it up and it is the new design, i.o.w., it seems like the error was found and new production runs are OK. Of course we don’t know how many old supplies there are and if by chance I got the top of a just replenished stack. YMMV.

Note in the previous post that the problem started occurring already in April. I didn’t know this but at least there is a fair chance the problem dongles are sort of slowly going out of stock.

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  1. I ordered the dongle you linked above ( two weeks ago and received it yesterday, even though I picked the free shipping with China Mail (supposed to take 30 days+ to Germany). Has the correct resistor (new hardware design).

    Just tested quickly, basically works (shows some values, many others are NaN, but maybe I didn´t wait long enough). Guess I have to play with the settings a bit.

    Thanks for sharing your work!

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